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2008.05.12, 11:11 AM
thanks for a great days racing you made me feel very welcome i enjoyed the very relaxed feeling of the day and the friendly help of all the racers :Di look forward to improving my driving once i get used to these tiny cars sorry for any crashes that i caused:o hope to be at your next meet:)for another great days racing:D

2008.05.12, 01:14 PM
Glad you enjoyed yourself,it was good to meet you too.It's always nice to see new faces.:) We like the laid back attitude to racing,after all primarily we're all there to enjoy ourselves!:D

2008.05.12, 02:15 PM
It was a please to have you Matt! Hope to see you soon!!:D

2008.05.12, 03:49 PM
i agree was very relaxed and friendly people :) but next time i'll have a nice new 2.4 :D

2008.05.12, 03:55 PM
Very nice! which one? Either way you're going to want to strengthen the front of the body around the lights.The lemans bodies seem to be very weak there.

2008.05.12, 03:58 PM
woot, another under 16! you stayin longer next time?

2008.05.13, 09:36 AM
yeh probably

2008.05.16, 08:20 AM
Yeah it was great to meet all the newcomers and to see Arthur back again.
Its always good to have more racers!