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2008.05.13, 12:10 PM
I will be adding some HFAY Merchandising. :D

this is what I'm thinking of products: Banners, T-shirts, Hats.

Other products I'm considering are: Pit Towels, Pit Boards, HFAY Decals.

I'd also like suggestions on what else you would like to see.


2008.05.13, 12:55 PM
sounds good!

avoid trinket like stuff or suppliers offering cheap quality. nothing worse than buying a hat/shirt with 3rd grade stitching and offcenter printing. i could always use another t-shirt for weekends.

as soon as dc gets a more permanent club location, we will get a banner. our current location wil not let us hang banners at all.

2008.05.13, 01:03 PM
I would be getting good quality screen printed shirts and the hats and pit towels would be embrordered <-- (sp?)

the banners would be the same as your club championship banner.

2008.05.13, 01:40 PM
the club champ banners are top notch! if your lucky enough to win one;)

i'm a sucker for t-shirts so i'm in for a couple. i still have every race related t-shirt i've ever received.

2008.05.14, 06:30 AM
Banners definately. I like the pit towel and decals. Decals both big and small(pit box and car).


2008.05.14, 06:52 AM
I like the sound of boards, towels and decals! :D

2008.05.14, 12:22 PM
HFAY decals... I'll buy some for my tool box :D!