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2008.05.13, 02:19 PM
This week A1GP announced that they will be using the Ferrari F1 2004 car as the official A1GP car for the whole field.

Now, Kyosho has the matrix of that model already made (as a mini-z F1), how about launching a whole new product : the Mini-Z A1GP ????

F1 has problems with the licenceses they give out for merchandising, but I guess that A1GP is not that tough, and besides, it's a ferrari body!!!! And we all know that Kyosho has rights to reproduce them!!!

It's a great chance to give impulse to that magnificent chassis and also to the a1gp league.

Come on Kyosho guys.... you can boost this on.

Besides, blank bodies would be perfect so that we can make our own cars. This is something K is owing us all : blank F1 bodies.

I hope this can lift off some time.

2008.05.16, 10:08 AM
No comments???

I'd guess we need to talk just about dNanos nowadays.....

2008.05.16, 11:35 AM
I think that is a good idea. Since there seems to be only one of the F1 cars released now. The entire field of A1 being made up of one car, makes it much easier just to do paint jobs, as that is the only difference between the cars. F1 is much more difficult, since they have to get licensing from many parties. With a release of an unpainted 2004 Ferrari body, we can make the A1 car that we like the best. This was the field of cars in the race would be much different than the Ferrari and McLaren cars we see now.

2008.05.16, 12:49 PM
Exactly Emu. That's the point. Mini-Z F1 races are not what they deserve to be as you get all red and silver cars in a race!!! BOOOOORRRINNNNGGG!!!!!

Tim any quotes on this matter? Do we have to make some kind of special request to K to give way to this? A signature marathon maybe?

2008.05.16, 03:38 PM
I second the request of A1GP bodies! Much sleeker than F1 IMO! :D