View Full Version : MA-010 miniboard re-wiring up-grade Info?

2008.05.13, 08:36 PM
MA-010 AWD board re-wiring Info??
I have a few loose wires on my MA-010 AWD 2x3 8962-stacked FET miniboard. So since I have to work with it, to re-solder those loose wires, I figure, if I could re-wire the servo motor and pot with thicker gauge silicone wires, as substitute of the OM wires???
I would certainly appreciate any info you my come up with or any suggestion, maybe this up-grade re-wiring will improve in something my electronics performances???

2008.05.13, 09:03 PM
i dont think it will make any difference,maybe the motor wires but the pot wires would not be worth the hassle of making them fit.

2008.05.15, 04:00 AM
For my own sake, whenever upgrading to an AD band board, I'd actually will upgrade all the wires with relatively thin audio silver-plated wires that I have found. Though I don't notice any performance difference, I do find the new wires to be way more sturdy and long lasting. And it is worth all the effort especially it will prevent any potential wires breaking during emergency repairs/cleaning for race.