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2008.05.14, 06:29 AM
Hey guys, I was thinking of updating the site a little. The members page always seems to be a little out of date so I had an idea. I'll use a picture of you from around the site and add some information beside it. It will literally be a very short amount of information. Below is an example:

Name: Tom Cash
Age: 20
Hometown: Wolverhampton
Mini Z's: MR02 x3
Blurb: Tom has been in Mini Z since February 2007. He originally started in micro RC with Xmods but thought they were a load of...

You get the idea? :D

If anyone can think of any more fields, let me know. :) I was thinking - maybe goals? Where you wanna be in terms of this hobby? Some peoples might just be to have fun or maybe to be in the top 10 of HFAY or who knows what...

Thoughts and feedback would be really appreciated here guys. :)

2008.05.14, 10:10 AM
awesome idea, i can try and get my pic in abit if you want, the ones on the site of me are crap:( would we type the blurb ourself?

2008.05.14, 06:11 PM
Yeah, the blurb is a little something about yourself that you type. For those who CBA I'll do one for them, unless they don't want one at all. :)

Site piccies, send me one if you're not happy with any from the site.

Same goes for everyone else too.

2008.05.15, 12:42 AM
Righto guys... I've done the pages for everyone:


Click to see your page, with the exception of Matt and Arthur who's aren't done yet as it isn't 100% if they wanna stay there.

I've had a guess at everyone's profile from what I know, so I'd appreciate you guys telling or PM'ing me your info.

OR if you don't want a page, let me know and I'll delete it and just leave your picture on the main members page.

2008.05.15, 07:49 AM
That's excellent Tom, good idea well executed!
Good way of introducing people! i reckon the info you put for me is fine mate!

2008.05.15, 10:46 AM
Excellent Mal, tar much!

2008.05.15, 10:54 AM
i'll pm you a new pic soon, looks good though!

2008.05.15, 04:53 PM
You look fine in the ones we already have but if you insist... :p