View Full Version : May 17th

2008.05.14, 09:16 AM
Who's in for some heart pounding racing action this Saturday? I think ActionB and Mex are going to NOVA this weekend. How's about it, Soundwave and Jazzy?

2008.05.14, 11:14 PM
Im in. I need to get the AWD tuned in to the Helios. Having massive issues.

2008.05.15, 06:50 AM
We'll get it tuned up. I think I know what I'm doing with it now.

2008.05.15, 10:50 AM
Last weekend I ran the GT a bit to dial the Helios. The GT rolls over a little more often than I would like. Not traction rolling though. It climbs the walls. If you brush the rail with the wheel turned the car will climb straight up the rail and roll over onto its back. This is moderately annoying, but gets you avoiding the walls real quick. For actual racing, I think I would prefer the Enzo body. I doubt the MR02 with the same body would be as bad though.

2008.05.16, 09:07 PM
im good to go for tommorow i still need a lighter 9 volt tho, for the camera
times are tuff, so its gonna be a while for the mini-z that i want to get