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2008.05.15, 10:35 PM
hey folks... anybody catch this? :D
good news though... entry is free of charge... :D

to any of you lucky dogs who ARE going....

pls. post pics!!!!! :D

Event :

General Admission Dates :
17th May 2008 9am-5pm
18th May 2008 9am-4pm

Trade Dates :

Venue :
Twin Messe Shizuoka (Japanese Only)
North/South Exhibit Hall

Entry Fee :
Free of charge

2008.05.16, 12:34 AM
more info...

this would be way cool.... (info from above site)

Race a MINI-Z against the 2006 1/8 GP Buggy
World Champion Mark Pavidis !
Pick up some driving tips from one of the key members and American representative of Team Kyosho International!

Mark Pavidis (USA)
■IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championship 2000 4th
■IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championship 2004 4th
■IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championship 2006 1st

World famous driver also holds many electric R/C car racing titles. One of the key members of Team Kyosho international. Cool head under pressure and spectacular driving has earned him fans the world over.
One race in the morning and afternoon on the 17th/18th.
(15min. each/ limited entries available)
*Please contact the Kyosho Booth for details.

Feel the exciting performance of the MINI-Z with your own hands.
Also, take the chance to battle against a World Champion driver.

No need to bring anything. Loan cars are provided free of charge! Bookings are accepted on the day so please come to the Kyosho booth early to avoid disappointment.


2008.05.16, 08:14 AM
Just a note that Philip (PN Racing) is going. I talked to him the other morning as he was going to the airport to catch his plane heading to Japan.

Check out this link from Giro-z peeps:


Specifically, I saw a new LM body (Nissan)

2008.05.18, 08:59 PM
pretty cool... thanks for the link!!!

saw some pics from this post.. c/o crazyracer... too...

hmm... i wonder if philip will go up against mark pavdis.... :D
now that would be something... :D :D :D

2008.05.22, 04:30 AM
wonder if anybody took video's of mark driving a mini-z...
wonder if anybody was able to race him... :D

2008.05.22, 01:51 PM
saw some pics from this post.. c/o crazyracer... too...

H, FYI crazyracer = PN. ;) :)

2008.05.22, 07:44 PM
hmm... cool... nice to know that he visits and posts on the forums.... thanks for the info... :D