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2008.05.16, 01:53 AM
Hi hi,

any tips of reducing interference on MR-15 ?

2008.05.16, 02:32 AM
What exactly are you getting interference from?

My dad's car gets huge interference from crossing the core system when the loop is active. He's got some copper insulation for the inside of the PCB cover and was told that'll work.

Perhaps you could try that.

Alternatively - try this group of things, one at a time to identify your problem.
- Change your frequency.
- Change your transmitter.
- Check your areal connections.

2008.05.16, 03:11 AM
I have no clue where are the interference. We are racing in a office environment with 4 cars. And all have some form of interference. There is no freq clash.

2008.05.17, 06:21 AM
Check the battery clips, we have noticed at the LHS that the mr-015s battery clips bend and get "loose" a bit and cause "glitching"

also are you running any metal parts? if you have a loose screw metal on metal rubbing can cause lots of interference

2008.05.17, 09:42 AM
We are racing in a office environment

Flourescent lighting and power sockets,even CRT computer moniters can cause interferance.You may have to change location,or get 2.4ghz!