View Full Version : Racing, May 18th at DOW...

2008.05.16, 10:00 PM
We will be racing at my place this Sunday the 18th. 10:30am-12:00noon is tune time, heats will begin at 12:15pm. We will probably be running Stock & Mod and if there is enough interest, we'll run some F1.

PM me if you need directions.

2008.05.18, 03:49 PM
Thanks Ed I had a great time

2008.05.19, 09:19 PM
Good to have you over, hell of a showimg for your first time out! Next week, we'll get you into the 7 second club for sure! :D

2008.05.20, 03:36 PM
haha I might have a buyer for the AWD if I get my new car like I want I just might! haha I have to make it to the 8 second club first

2008.05.20, 03:43 PM
I'm pretty sure you broke into the 8s already... I'd post the results but it turned out to be just a test & tune day, so hopefully this Sunday will be a regular full raceday!