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2008.05.17, 04:55 PM
had some time, so thought id post my overland project here too. heres some snaps, not sure you guys have seen the roll cage yet.
those last few pics were back in the day when i was rollin on xmod mud-terrains, the swampers are alot meatier:p
plans right now are to finish the roll cage, canvas back, finish the trailer and then hit the mud-pits:D

2008.05.18, 03:50 PM
Nice Liam, i assume you are painting the cage black?

2008.05.18, 04:16 PM
yeah, although i used naf glue to stick it together and it fell apart- ive got some bodyfiller that should work, if not im off down the lhs for plastic weld.

2008.05.25, 03:07 PM
hmm lucky devils your the first to see the new rims!
tried replicating these:


heres the result!

put them on the truck and imo they fit it just right, maybe need abit of rust- but nothing i wont be able to sort out:D
sorry for the naf quality, its been peeing it down outside all day. :(

2008.05.25, 05:28 PM
Lookin good. If you get it done for the 15th I'll have to get some good outdoor piccies of it for you.

2008.05.25, 05:34 PM
oooh ok! cant work on it next week, im on holiday and im taking it with me to get some crawling/offroad action, but if were at perkins, theres a good few places ive found there for offroading comps:D

2008.06.01, 03:24 PM
update, no pics sorry:o
well took it on holiday, and to put it simply thrashed it to an inch of its life, literaly- found a field full of puddles that got quite deep. the batts were submerged at one point, but the truck pulled through fine. been having a few throttle issues- need to have a mess with the controller. but was good fun, got a video and i need to get round to editing so i can post it up. the water wasnt that good for the truck as you might guess, the diff started rusting:eek: working fine just needs a clean... btw dont go trying this lol, ive realised i need to re-locat the batts and waterproof the elecs, will do that soon:D

2008.06.16, 01:31 PM
got a new body today that should stand up to alot more than the landrover would, heres the pics:




what ya think?

2008.06.16, 03:48 PM
Man thats a bit cool Liam mate, look dead realistic too! best one i've seen you with yet!
Oh how much would you want for that shell if i did have it, the yellow taxi type thing?

2008.06.16, 03:55 PM
thanks, payed the price of a brand new autoscale and theres a few tiny marks on there, bit miffed but id be paying 30 anywhere else for one now.
for the nomad, i'll have a think- not quite sure yet, i'll have a think:)

2008.06.16, 05:14 PM
That's awesome Lee!

2008.06.18, 02:26 PM
thanks tom!
bit miffed, a pot wire fell out after ive worked on it for 3nights, got it back together and lookin good so now ive got to remove all the suspension, take the ep cover off and get the soldering iron out again:mad: i'll do it tomorow now, fed up of working on it, and i think im goin to ditch the lssm shocks fairly soon, they hit the body and wont compress:mad:
rant over, its lookin awesome still though:D

2008.06.18, 02:34 PM
I'm not a big landcruiser fan as you know,but the more i see that,the more i like it!

2008.06.18, 02:40 PM
come to the yota side jayce, we gots cookies:D i didnt think it looked to good in pics, but in the plastic its quite a cool shell, the details are lacking but i like it:D

2008.06.21, 11:44 AM
hmmm gots inspiration now....
sadly since the invention of the 30inch wheel, its hard to find a pic of a landcruiser 100 dressed for the offroad:(
im building a caravan for it too, working on the chassis/tow hitches at the moment so not alot to post up. oh and jayce is gona paint this badboy, try and guess what colour:p

2008.06.25, 11:25 AM
having problems with the steering and cant figure out whats wrong:(
basicaly, when i turn it on the steering shoots to one side, and wont respond. thinking its a pot issue, i took the servo motor and pot out, and turned the car on, and the motor just spins and wont respond at all, just spins... i asked tom, he said to re-solder the pot wires, so i resoldered the ones on the board, still the same issue... help please!
ohhh, and news on the body- ive started prepping it to go to jayces and get urban camo treatment, cant wait:D

2008.06.30, 03:35 AM
Well i'd agree with Tom, first thing i would look at is the wires deffinatly, if the solder on one wire is connecting where it SHOULD'NT, then that would cause the steeting to shoot to one side, and if one of the wires is NOT connected where it should be, that would cause the same problem.
there is one other problem that would cause this symptom.....
dum dum duhhhhh...
FETS... old, decrepid, burned out FETS. the bain of every Mini Z racer

I had the same problem a good while ago now, but it turned out to be one of the steering FETs. Got it changed and it was cool. i would try another controller just to rule it out, you never know!

2008.07.01, 04:04 PM
im doubting fets, but not ruling them out tbh, theres been lots of soldering in that area so it could have cooked one:o
one thing i have noticed, theres 2 tiny holes on either side of this box thing near the pot wires on the board, one of them is full of solder, wheras the mr02 board doesnt... could that be it? doubt it will be, but it hasnt worked for ages... also could be water damaged, and as im skint at the moment, i dont wana send it off to fets re-done and find out it wasnt fets in the first place:(

2008.07.06, 02:09 PM
heres a couple of updates, try and guess what ive done
prepped it for paint, thats why it looks abit shabby.

2008.07.12, 01:50 PM
finished the roofrack:

2008.07.12, 02:00 PM
I love the roofrack! that is going to look amazing when the paint is done :D

2008.07.12, 02:14 PM
cheers jayce, cant wait to send this to you, will look ace when its done like you said:)

thats like the paint scheme im going for btw guys:)

2008.07.14, 04:39 PM
i think that . . . . is going to look a bit nice ;)

2008.07.14, 05:04 PM
thanks, i made something else today but you wont see it till sunday;) should be moving properly then, im just waiting on a new pot in the post:D

2008.07.16, 12:05 PM
Hey Liam, did you ever come up with a price for that yellow shell i was thinking of having off you?

2008.07.19, 01:16 PM
im not sure i want to sell it any more sorry mal, i wanted to make it into a static model