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2008.05.18, 07:26 AM
knowing that kyosho was going to release 2.4G mini-zs, i quickly sold all my AM cars (two mr02s, mr015 and the pcb in the AWD) before everyone is selling theirs :p
then i used the money to buy two 2.4G mr02 LM and two 2.4G PCB for AWD.
i must say, the 2.4Gs are really nice, my frd is even thinking of making a 2.4G Overland :eek:
still have one 2.4G PCB left, still thinking of what car to build :rolleyes:

2008.05.18, 07:44 AM
I've just done the same thing.I have kept two am cars,my awd(because it drifts so well don't wanna mess with it!) I have 1 2.4 02 and i'm a servo saver short of completing my 2.4 awd,and another 2.4 02 which will be my open car,on the way.If i can get to the point where i can actually drive my F1 half-well,i'll 2.4 that when the time comes.Eventually i'll also 2.4 my monster too.
Nice collection you have there tho :D

2008.05.18, 09:44 PM
hi davis...
nice to see you post here again... how's everything in h.k.? looks like you got a good collection...
how much would a 2.4ghz board cost over there?

2008.05.19, 05:19 AM
i got an mr02 RTR for $1200
one mr02 ARR for $870
and the AWD boards for $500 @

so in total i've spent slightly over hkd 3000 on these 2.4g stuff :rolleyes:

an u have to buy the 2.4 PCB cover for the AWD too

2008.05.19, 12:24 PM
Nice! I too have 3 ASF and 1 AD. All my AM are trashed already. Even if I get an overland, I'd probably put my AD or my ASF board on there...

btw are you going to race in the atomic world race in HK? Do you know where the track is? Do you have picture of the track?


2008.05.19, 12:39 PM
If you do get an Overland I would reccomend putting in a 2.4 its just smooth as silk esp. pulling a trailer no glitch in steering or throttle.

2008.05.20, 05:21 AM
first of all, as far as i know, hk players are only invited to the race by atomic's invitation. second, i am too far away from being a racer :p

i have no idea how the track will look like, coz i know they will purposely build a new track for the race. and most likely it will not be RCP, all tracks in hk are carpet tracks. but i'd really like to see them changed to RCP.

p.s. ATM tires are made for carpet tracks. ;)

2008.05.20, 01:56 PM
You have to be invited to race?! From what Allan told me, just pay the entree fee and race.