View Full Version : Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo: June Class?

2008.05.20, 01:13 PM
Guys, we have June "off" from HFAY - what do we want to run? Considerations:

It needs to be on a big layout, spanning the two current track areas (otherwise, why do we have the "big track" area...?!) :rolleyes:
It would be a good idea to get some F1 racing in before HFAY S6 - assuming we are going to participate in the new F1 class :cool:
It would be great if we could test the Giro-Z system before moving into "production" in June - I'd also like to do a 3-way comparison at some point between Giro-Z, KO ARC, and Core - would be interesting to load cars up w/ both transponders and compare results over a race etc. :eek:

We can also run outside now that the weather is at least somewhat decent - this would be a separate class or just for fun - I don't mean let's drag the RCP outside etc. :)

Cool. :cool: :)

2008.05.22, 02:19 PM
OK, big track F1 enduro it is then... :rolleyes: