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2008.05.20, 11:26 PM
Just found out the KT18 transmitter needs some maintenance. There are some plastic dust on the steering shaft. It is probably from rubbing on the housing. There was also dust on the centering mechanism. Some dusting and lube latter, it works so much smoother.
I also took Phil's advice from PN about stretching the centering mechanism spring to reduce tension on the steering wheel. Made driving much more precise and fast. Stretch the spring just enough so that there is slight gap between coils.


2008.05.21, 01:16 AM
Thanks for sharing!

2008.05.21, 04:41 PM
Very good tip! :D

2008.05.22, 05:27 PM
Im going to test this tonight.

Thanks for the tip

2008.05.22, 11:57 PM
Dude, I can't even get the controller apart... are you supposed to just rip out the hard-rubber grip? :confused:

Really want to try this mod out though, plus I have a stash of springs that I might be able to use to increase the steering tension back to an appropriate level.

2008.05.23, 01:26 PM
The grips are snap in. Start at the front of the handle, and push the grips towards the back to stretch the grip. That will give you some wrinkle at the back of the grip to loosen the rubber hook on the grip without ripping it.

2008.05.23, 05:08 PM
Got it. Also figured out a way to increase the steering wheel tension -- dental rubber bands! :)


I like a heavier feel to the steering, not a fan of having to guess where I am within the steering travel. Three bands was good enough for that. :)

2008.05.23, 06:23 PM
^^^^^That's a great idea... I always felt like the steering wheel tension on the KT-18 was too loose.. I just recently started using small dental rubber bands made for braces to organize my power wires going to the motors on my MR-02's.. Works great..

2009.05.09, 01:17 PM
While driving last night I heard/felt a snap in transmitter. I assumed the sping that provides the tension on the steering wheel broke or came loose. When I took the KT-18 apart just now, I discovered that it wasn't the spring, but the opposite side of the arm that broke away from the main part. In the attached picture you can see where the arm was attached to the back piece. It appears that pivot spot is weak and just broke. Not sure if this is something Kyosho will take care of, but I will try.

In the mean time I thought I'd make the KT-18 users out there aware of this weakness.


2009.05.10, 05:15 AM
Bump! Any fixes?

2009.05.10, 08:07 AM
Bump! Any fixes?

If it's the pivot pin that's broken off, you might be able to drill through the plate & replace it with a screw/washer/brass tubing/washer/nut sandwich, providing you can find a suitable-diameter tube.

Hobby tubing is available in various diameters that fit into each other (like a telescoping rod), so two with lube between might work like a bearing to keep the brass from wearing & enlarging the plastic hole.

Of course, I've never tried this, but it sounds good on paper ;).

I think you should contact Kyoshousa though. The part shouldn't have broken (unless you replaced the stock spring with a stronger one).


2009.05.10, 08:28 AM
Thanks for the response Jim! I was thinking of a similar fix, and am hoping someone has one that is tried and true. If not, I will first pursue with Kyosho and if get nowhere, will attempt such a repair.

The transmitter was not altered in anyway when it broke. Decided to post this problem here so that anyone considering adding tension to the wheel would be aware of this weakness in the pivot pin.

2010.01.01, 09:15 PM
Traveler, did you ever fix the pivot? I had the same issue today.. Just using the KT it decided to break...

2010.01.01, 09:35 PM
Tokeco - Kyosho America was nice enough to send me a replacement part salvaged from a returned KT-18. Sounds like you are still under warranty, so contact them right away. Good luck!