View Full Version : PN Racing Knuckle Damper Cap

2008.05.23, 01:49 PM
Here is a new small item from PN for the MA010. The caps is made from delrin. Its larger contact area with the knuckle king pin helps to minimize suspension stiction. The shape of it also helps retain damping fluid for the knuckle.

It must be used with PN knuckle, but can be installed on stock chassis without the aluminum upper cover.



2008.05.23, 02:17 PM
if I can only fit this on my plastic kyosho knuckles...

2008.05.27, 01:06 PM
Ya, I am surprise someone like Kyosho has not introduce something like this yet, this is one of those simple concept that makes you think ... wait, how come nobody has done this yet ...

Good work PN.

Now only if there is a way to use the plastic knuckles ... of maybe someone will make plastic knuckles that works with this ... :D

2008.05.28, 11:05 AM
Hi, everyone.

Wait a sec, if I understand this correctly, this is much like the PN sleeves on knuckles but now comes with in 'hat' shape?

How is this better in retaining the dampening fluids? I could see it is probably more secure than the 'sleeve', since it will not fell off from top of knuckles.

2008.05.28, 09:26 PM
You take a Pn alum knuckle. Take off the upper delrin sleeve. You have a small alum pin there . You put the knuckle sleeve in upper cover. put some grease inside the knuckle sleeve. when you put everything together, the pin on alum knuckle slips inside of knuckle sleeve (where grease is). Thats it.;)

2008.05.29, 09:31 AM
Hi All,

Just a FYI that you have to trim/machine/cut, whatever wording you want to use, the top of the knuckle in order to use the older PN knuckles with these caps. If you don't, there will be minimal suspension travel (and possibly binding). I had this system pre-production and had to do this for all my PN knuckles. This is supposedly not an issue with new PN knuckles.

2008.07.03, 06:41 AM
doen't work for me... also, it gets very messy!