View Full Version : bearings?

2008.05.23, 07:51 PM
I can't find metal bearings for the OL so I was wondering if I could use monster bearings on my OL?

2008.05.23, 08:26 PM
You can use the MR02/015 bearings on the OL. You just wont have the bearings for the Idler gear that goes between the differential and the motor. I think those may be the same size as the driveshaft bearings on the AWD, but not certain.

2008.05.24, 01:21 AM
Check the shop for the OL Idler bearings. The last time I looked there was a few sets still in stock. Just add those to a standard racer set and there you go. I do think they are smaller than the AWD center shaft bearings. The center hole is 1.5mm and the AWD shaft I think is close to a 2mm diameter.

2009.05.11, 09:32 PM
About bearings on th OL: if i drive it in a "not so clean" surface (letīs say grass, dirt, little rocks) would that ruin the bearings inside? I mean, i guess a lot of dirt will get inside of the bearings.
Is it better to do dirt driving with plastic bushings, or bearings are acceptable?
Is it better to do standard bearings cleaning after every run, or sealed teflon bearings will keep up after many dirt drivings?

Hope anyone understood my question and help...