View Full Version : EX10 Helios - How to set BT1 to reverse

2008.05.25, 10:00 AM
I posted about this before and no one seemed to know how... Now with the release of the 2.4 module right around the corner I had to figure it out!!!

Basically, what this does is assign the BT1 button that sits behind your thumb to instantly reverse your car when you press it. This could prove VERY handy with the 2.4 reverse issue and will hopefully do the trick! So here goes!

1. Go down your master menu until you find 'Set Up'.
2. Scroll down until you reach BT1 and BT2.
3. Select BT1.
4. Scroll through the menu until you see 'BT1 - Preset' and click 'ENTER'.
5. Go back to the main menu and scroll down until you find 'TH: Preset'.
6. Then scroll down into the B's until you find an amount of reverse you're happy with.
7. Press 'ENTER' and wala!

If your car has a neutral mode, you will need to double tap the button but this can be an effective time saver.

It'd be great to get some feedback on this - particularly from the 2.4 module owners with some info on if it helped or not!

Thanks for looking. :)

2008.05.25, 11:06 PM
I currently have the controller setup this way. Comes in handy with motors that have high drag, where you dont want a lot of braking. So you can set the reverse throttle low, and BT1 reverse high. So you can get off the boards quickly. Another alternative is to use it as a full forward for mod class, where you have the throttle set low for the infield.

I wonder how much this will help with the 2.4ghz module.

2009.05.04, 01:19 PM
I wonder how much this will help with the 2.4ghz module.

Hey 2.4 guys, anyone using this, does it help??? if so what are your settings?