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2008.05.26, 02:05 AM
2wd mod, with 350z and SC430 body...

coming into a turn... pushes, over shoots the turn.
coming out of a turn (on-throttle steering)... pushes as well.

solution: change the front tires but everytime I change it, the car runs great and I get enough of steering but after running the car for almost an hour. The car will then start to push. The problem here is probably me... I'm using the front tires for braking coming in and making it work harder coming out of the turn.

What can I do or use to make this PN10's last a little longer? A drag brake would be good coming into the turn but is this a good way of driving? Am I putting band aid to the car or myself by doing so?

I tried to let off the throttle earlier just to make the turn but the time is slower compare to a working PN front tires. I don't want to buy tires everyday either. I have actually been doing it for a week or so already and I don't like it, neither does the wife :)...

I have tried all kinds of set-up on my suspension but still understeers. If you guys can give me an advice on how to drive the car or what set-up would be good, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!

2008.05.26, 02:30 AM

I hardly drive my 02, so I can't say I am that experienced in setting up the car, let alone the best way to drive it. But just a few brianstorming suggestions, if you haven't tried them:

1) a little looser diff?

2) a little more front toe-out? But the front might be a little loose on straight and too sensitive...

3) a little softer spring at front + thicker oil (or even spring?) at the rear damper plate?

After racing and observing a few top 02 driver on my local track, I think one of very crucial parts of driving 02, to me, seems to be the 2wd need to carry a lot of speed to cruise thru the corner, in order to be fast on track; since it lacks the 4wd front pulling it out of the corner. Unless it is at the end of a long straight, I felt those 02 drivers don't seem to utilize much of their brakes, or keeping it to the minimum.

2008.05.26, 03:43 AM
1) it will cause too much traction coming out of the turn... Understeer.

2) toe out, good coming in on a turn but on-power it'll make it push.

3) currently running it.

I have tried those set-up already...


2008.05.26, 05:43 AM
hi tj... try more camber???
tires will always be first priority with these things... and costs do pile up...
i've read somewhere that there are specific tires for rcp... can't remember if pn or atomic makes them... try experimenting with different tires...

i think an hour run time is quite good till you start experiencing the car to push...

races last like 5-10-20 minutes? for races break in the new tires a bit and save them... i knew a guy who did this... he saved at least 3 sets of tires for races...

as for the camber, having more will give you more turn in... and you will have more steering sensitivity... so dial down your dual rate... when you start noticing the car to push you can raise the dual rate back up...

hope this helps....

2008.05.26, 07:33 AM
This may seem a bit odd, but have you tried a softer tire in the front? I know that it would seem to wear quicker, but if your 10s are scrubbing speed and essentially sliding in and out of the corners then they are wearing prematurely. Using a softer tire in the front might actually net you some increased wear life since it would be sticking to the track instead of scrubbing off speed, which causes extra wear. Hope that makes sense...

2008.05.26, 03:56 PM
I'm no set up expert either but I'm with Flash on this one. The less understeer you have the less strain and wear you'll put on the front tires. You could even go with stiffer t-plates if you like the PN 10's you're running now. :)

As for driving, the less brakes (drag brake, front tire brake or otherwise) the better. I've seen you drive at ILR, you already have a lot of corner speed; I think the problem is only the setup, not your driving. ;)

2008.05.26, 05:41 PM
I had the same issue. I used the PN 10d tires, and it felt great... But after a little time, when they broke in, I started to push a bit. And had to put new tires on.

Try the PN 8d slicks, or Kyosho 20d slicks. When they are new the grip is a little too much. After they break in, they feel similar to the PN 10d slicks when new. And the car is very balanced. I use the PN 6d radials in the rear. I find that they last well even after the tread is worn off. I prefer them to the 20d Kyosho, which I prefer over the 6d slicks.

Have you tried cleaning the front tires, using a little Power Shot on a rag? Or giving them a light sanding to bring back up the grip? You could also consider a single shallow center groove...

2008.05.26, 10:21 PM

might sound weird but... 3 deg camber= less steering and 1 degree= more steering...

I think it's because of the side wall getting caught on the turns. (on the real car the more the camber the better the handling/grip) On mine this is what I have noticed.


I tried kyosho 20's narrow in the front. It had tons of grip that double sided tape can't help the tires to stay on the wheels so I have to super glue the tires. Now the car just spins out on every turn. I even super glued the sidewall and ran 1 deg to give it a little push but those 20's are super sticky! I still end up loosing the rear end of the car entering a quick chicane and after the straight away. I will try the GPM 8's and super glue it on the tires. I'll post the result.


I am running the harders T-plates made by kyosho. The diff is perfectly set to 0-minimal slip.

Thanks but I cannot remember seeing you at the track. Next time you go there make sure I see you. I want to drive that little prototype you got on there :)...


I will definitely try that PN8's... also, what do you mean by the car being very balance by changing tires? I'll have to try it to see I guess.

For me, if there's build up. That means the car is pushing. I never had this build up after 2-3 mos. of racing mini-z. I will try sanding it and what's power shot?

I like the "center shollow groove" idea. I will try this as well. I think it'll make the fron end of the car hop on a quick transition but I will still try it though.

Thank you guys for your input! I will try this on Wednesday.

2008.05.27, 12:00 AM
I'm a stealthy guy. :D I'll try to find you the next time I go though, it should be pretty soon. :)

What rear tires are you running btw? Kyosho 20's all around like on Binh's car should be very fast but necessitates that you use a very soft t-plate.

herman -- might just be because of the contact patch but I too find that less camber = more steering.

2008.05.27, 02:16 AM
I only run kyosho 20's in the rear... hard or medium t-plates.

2008.05.27, 12:12 PM
Power Shot = motor cleaner. I find it works well to clean the tires when you put it on a paper towel.

By balanced, I mean that the car is not pushing or hooking. Basically its where you want it to be. When the PN 8d slicks are new, the car hooks a little. But after they break in, the car is balanced.

2008.05.28, 07:17 PM
Setup changes I would try:

1) 8 degree front tires
2) much stiffer front springs
3) 0 degree camber
4) stiffer H-plate
5) caster tower bar

Another possibility is disk damper maintenance. Try sanding/polishing the plate and disks. Try delrin disks (also polished). Try lighter lube. Try a lighter spring on top and/or stiffer spring on bottom.

You don't need any help driving... :D

2008.05.29, 02:32 AM
I have been doing quite a few research here and there since Sunday night. Thanks to everyone that replied on this thread and PM'ed me. I was able to gather much info that I needed to buy a small note pad to jot ish down :).

The car now is faster than my previous best lap with the same PN10's that I was running last week. I was even more consistent with the new set-up than before. My 9.19
fast lap is now 9.03 and my 25 laps in 4:07 mins. is now 26 laps in 4:02. Big difference!

Here's my set-up:

-2 deg. 3racing knuckles
-PN greed springs
-atm yellow shim/spring preload
-cut cup/limiter
-stock toe
-little droop in the front
-atm shock w/ little droop
-medium atm,ssg h plate
-atm red lower dps springs and atm green dps springs on top
-60 wt. oil on the damper plate

again thank you! Case closed :)!

2009.06.30, 02:18 PM

Bring your car to FastPaceRacing on Thursday for "Test n Tune on Thurs nights!" Im sure the owner will help ya. LMAO!

2009.06.30, 02:24 PM
oppss! I was trying to post using my phone... :D

Anyway what I wanted to say was, get back to work Dave! lol...

2009.06.30, 02:51 PM
ok done but why?

2009.06.30, 03:52 PM
This is my job following your posts on this site!

2009.06.30, 03:53 PM
hahha... I'll see you on Friday.