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2008.05.26, 06:10 PM

I WAS going to link it from our site. It's got a great selection of ATM stuff at a good price. It also has some awesome Kyosho stuff that isn't easy to get hold of, such as a variety of clear overland chassis, clear F1 chassis and overland autoscales... But after adding 1!! Yes, 1 autoscale to my basket I was gob smacked to see the price of their shipping as standard to the UK.


I guess that's out of the question...

Just thought I'd share. :rolleyes:

2008.05.28, 01:56 PM
That is outrageous! Through their bay store,first item is $16 std $30 ems,and each additional item after that is only an extra $2 per item. So if anyone wants a clear chassis for MZM/OL or even 02,if we all order together we can save a hell of a lot on shipping.So if you want a clear/coloured chassis,chime in and we'll get it organised. I want a clear blue chassis to finish off my MZM.

2008.05.28, 03:56 PM
I agree... I also want a clear chassis. Perhaps a club order would be a good idea. Would anyone else be interested in one of their clear chassis. They fit the monster AND overland and come in green, pink, white, blue and red, I think. :)

2008.05.28, 04:39 PM
Just wanted to let you know that Kenon has the blue Overland chassis in stock.

2008.05.28, 08:29 PM
They have the smoked gray one as well I am wondering if it comes with gold terminals like the sp mr-02 smoke gray chassis, most likely not but I am ordering that and a heap of micro-t parts, they are the cheapest I've found, and shipping to the US is cheap.

2008.05.28, 08:33 PM
The biggest problem for us is shipping time,normally 2-3 weeks for del's from the US hk sellers usually deliver in 4 days.