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2008.05.29, 03:46 PM
Hi Tim,

A racer turned up to our club race last night sporting a Kyosho dyno machine he got from Japan which has an adapter to work with mini-z motors.

Do you have a part number for this dyno and is this is stock item for Kyosho America or do you have to special order it? Additionally (last question) can you buy just the mini-z motor adapter from Kyosho (i.e. is there a part number for just that piece?)

Thanks in advance.

2008.05.29, 08:29 PM
hmm... interesting.. got a pic?

2008.06.04, 10:22 AM
Hi Tim

Don't sweat looking for it. Found it as per the racer who has one. It is called KYOSHO:K.R.F MOTOR CHECKER Ver.2.0

The Kyosho Japan product ID is #36213

Attached is a picture of it

2008.06.04, 10:40 AM
The Kyosho unit looks very similar the the Muchmore Platinum Motor Master. The hole for the motor RPM test is on the side of the Muchmore rather than on the top.

I've been using the Muchmore for about 6 months and find it easy to use and reliable for both new motor break-in and testing anytime.

I'd be curious if the motor tests are the same or different. Anyone use the actual Kyosho unit yet? The Muchmore does Mini-Z motors fine but is also made for larger motors. If the Kyosho has specific Mini-Z tests that would be interesting.


2008.06.04, 11:29 AM
The guy who owns it said it looks the same, but there is a mini-z specific motor adapter included in the kit. Not sure of the operating perimeters of this machine. The guys who has it is out of town, and we were too busy setting up our cars at the last race to throughly go through it.

Maybe Tim can provide some info for us?