View Full Version : DOW Racing June 1st...

2008.05.30, 07:40 AM
We will be racing at my place this Sunday the 1st. 10:30am-12:00noon is tune time, heats will begin at 12:15pm. We will probably be running Stock & Mod and if there is enough interest, we'll run some F1.

PM me if you need directions.

Oh, and the usual test & tune on Thursday nights 6:30pm-10:30pm, hope to see you there!

2008.05.30, 10:47 AM
I need directions

2008.05.30, 11:56 AM
How about a left to your favorite place smart-ass? :D ...

2008.05.30, 04:27 PM
I'll be there, but don't know what shape I'll be in to race by then after my wisdom teeth removal. So far I'm already well coherent but the nova cane still hasn't worn off fully yet.

Painkillers on standby ;)

2008.05.30, 08:57 PM
Im bringin an Enzo body I wanna unload sunday so if anyone wants it let me know

2008.05.30, 09:31 PM
Ill be there!!:D

2008.06.02, 07:42 AM
Great racing guys... I'll get the results on here tomorrow.

2008.06.02, 06:12 PM
yea it was fun morgan really enjoyed it Im looking to get him a car of his own now so he doesnt destroy yours ed haha

2008.06.03, 08:12 AM
No problem really, hate to see them just sit there... besides, I did a better job of destroying one on my own that morning! :o

2008.06.03, 03:58 PM
haha well Im lookin for one now so if anyone wants to sell let me know!

2008.06.03, 04:01 PM
I could give you a deal on that Enzo he was running if you're interested.

PM me or just wait until Sunday, we can talk $$$ then.

2008.06.03, 07:04 PM
I sent you a PM cause im no gonna be there sunday