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2008.05.30, 10:00 AM
hey, just got an iwaver 02M mini cooper s. it looks great 'nd all but there are a few problems.
1st, the crystals dont work. ive tested the car with a friends iwaver crystals and it works. could i use xmod crystals instead?

2nd, it seems as if my abs function has gone crazy. when i accelerate and then stop accelerating, the car goes into reverse...(like the abs function should). however, it reverses full speed and doesnt stop!!! ive turned off the abs function. what is wrong and how can i fix it???

thnx alot.

2008.06.01, 09:08 PM
not too familiar with the iwaver... (in spite of having two... 01 and 02) but...

your crystals should be the same number (should be the same frequency... one for the tx-in the controller and one for the rx-one in the car) if they aren't matched it won't work...

as for the abs... haven't any experience with that on kyosho's mini-z's... so i don't know how that works for i-waver...

i would suggest to experiment with your settings regarding your tx (controller) to get your desired results, or to just turn it off...

if it comes with a manual, try going over the instructions...

hope this helps...

2008.06.01, 09:57 PM
I have answer this post in the main iwaver forum.

tuning the TX setting will help provide more functions and fine tune setting for the chassis performance.