View Full Version : Eastern regionals?

2008.05.30, 03:33 PM
I see there is a race scheduled for CA and for NM, but is there going to be a race for us east coasters?

Worlds are in 6 months, so I would think some info would be released soon :o

2008.06.10, 09:44 PM
You can come to Toronto, Ont. Most east coast racers will come to this PN cup 2008.
The date is Oct 18th and 19th. More information will be posted at www.zzhobby.com

It's also posted in Pn web site.

2008.06.11, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the info J.Mak. Ive actually been looking into alternative places to go, but there just isnt anything convenient to the south eastern US. Toronto would be close to a 20 hour trek. Thats too far for me to travel, as Ill be travelling with my new child. New York is a little to far, but its only a shade over 10 hours. I should be able to drive that in one day, but who knows. Toronto could turn out to be 3 days if the baby doesnt cooperate, and I cant afford that kind of time off from work.

Its not fair that California gets two events (just noticed ILR got one too), and we get nothing at all here. NY is cool, but it would be awesome if there was something in the SE for us southerners. Im asking for too much there :D If there isnt one in the NY/PA area though, I can pretty much hang it up this year.