View Full Version : list the first hop-ups you got or are getting

Zac R
2002.05.23, 04:55 PM
I have ball barrings and an X speed i want a rear shock and a porsche body

2002.05.23, 05:00 PM
The very first was soft tires, then the mono shock... since then the list has expanded "a bit" ;)

Zac R
2002.05.23, 05:06 PM
i would like some softer tires
what is the mono shock is that like the rear shock

2002.05.23, 05:06 PM
Mine was:

Kyosho ball diff, bearings, rear shock and 30 tyres.

2002.05.23, 05:24 PM
Yep, mono shock == rear shock

2002.05.23, 09:06 PM
turbo, ball diff, x-speed, shock

its for a f1

2002.05.23, 09:25 PM
the first upgrade parts I got were:
soft 30 degrees tires, hard fibre "h" plate and hard front suspensions...

Mini Z GT
2002.05.23, 10:41 PM
My first hop upz

X-Speed, Ball diff., bearings, Fiber H plate and a set of soft tires :D

2002.05.24, 12:17 AM
first upgrades..

kyosho front suspension springs set (running hard/yellow atm)
kyosho 40 tyres (running 40 front with 50 rears atm)
kyosho x-speed (oh so nice compared to stock motor)
kyosho alloy locknuts (red annodised)

i've ordered these..

kyosho lancer rims (not really an upgrade, i just wanted cheap spoked mags to play with :P)
gpm ball diff (at least the pic looks a hell of a lot like one :P)
kyosho carbon fibre suspension plate set (i'm sick of snapping the plastic h-plate)

i plan on getting these next time i order something..

kyosho rear damper
bearings (apparently my lhs is looking into getting a cheaper supplier for bearings so i'm gonna wait and see what the price is)

i guess technically my first part purchased would have been the kyosho servo gear set as i've managed to break that 2 times now. i've also replaced my motor pod due to a screw snapping off inside one of the screw holes, and i got hold of a plastic h-plate from a mate the first time i snapped one of those.

The Thunderer
2002.05.24, 01:42 AM
Ball differential, bearings, front springs, toe ins (I can't stand it when the car can't go STRAIGHT), and from there... the moon. I can't believe how much I've put into these cars... (three and an F1) LOL.

2002.05.24, 07:09 AM
First was bearings and a KYOSHO ball diff.

I know the kyosho unit is more $$ but it fits and runs true right out of the package.

Next was a front stabilizer and knuckle arms.
(no reason)

I got a box of misc. parts yesterday....bodies, soft tires, wheels, rear shock, more bearings, screws......

I also ordered plenty of servo gear sets but they were out of stock!

Next will probably be 'toe ins' for all 4 minis currently in our stable.
(and more Kyosho ball diffs)

.......and maybe another complete mini!

2002.05.24, 08:37 AM
here r mine.......................:(

Zac R
2002.05.24, 10:50 AM
you have an x speed and ball barrings.

2002.05.25, 07:17 PM

2002.05.26, 12:33 AM
First hop up:
-Gold colored king pins
-Top Racing ball bearings

Now have:
-blue aluminium wide rims
-brake discs
-soft tires
-Top Racing ball bearings
-Gold colored king pins
-purple lock nut
-Kyosho medium springs
-Kyosho ball diff set II

T Man
2002.05.26, 06:31 AM
First hopups - aluminum knuckles, clear chassis set, x-speed, and bearings.

Current hopups (hehe) - alum wheels, CF T-plates, alum motor mount, V2 turbo, blue chassis set, alum battery clips, triple shock set, ball diff, alum servo gears, alum screws, ball antenna, and 2deg alum knuckles.:D

Zac R
2002.05.26, 08:52 PM
Originally posted by MATT TINDELL

Quiet u are bad

2002.05.27, 07:41 AM
Definitely: Toe in steering rod 1 or 2 degree was the first upgrade to my miniz. That cures the wandering in straights and gives a surgical precision of driving :D :D :D Its useless trying to make the car going faster before changing that unless you want to be unfair with your shells ;)