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2008.06.02, 04:58 PM
Hi all, i'm happy to write here with you.
My name is Alex and i write from Rome, Italy and i'm 22.
I subscribe this forum because is the best for mini z.
I have from low time an Overland, that i buy from USA because with e-bay i pay it less than here in italy.
I have some urgent question to ask you.

1) Where i can find some big tires (for offroad)
2) Where i can find an high lift kit
3) How can i create by myself a led kit for front light and rear light
4) How can i create for example my overland with a tamiya Toyota Hilux.

thank's for all i'll wait your reply

bye bye friends and sorry for my bad english...is the best that i can do ;-)

2008.06.03, 12:18 AM
your english is good no worries. You can buy light kit on ebay for the mini-z they have front and back. All you have to do is connect the wires to the motor, when you go forward it powers the front lights when you reverse it powers the rear lights. your lift kit, you can use your current shocks and make them taller, search this forum for "overland xrm" or "overland lift". Tires are a tuff call, I believe there is a shop in the UK that carries some hard to find overland stuff, I believe its called 'theboarder' or something like that, they may have big tires, some make their own others find similar scale models. Taymia bodies or other custom bodies are just dependant on how you want it to look, a rather rudemtary way to go about it would be some velcro. you can buy body mount tabs and glue them to fit as well. hope this gets you on the right foot. welcome to the forums.

2008.06.03, 01:34 AM
welcome to the forums...

can't help you out with 1 & 2

wish i could be of more help...
but you can try using the search function...

as for #3 some shops offer light kits... and they are pretty easy to install...
you just have to search the shop...

#4... i've seen some other bodies being used on the overland... they just have to make their own body posts... and glue it onto the body...

good luck...

oh and since you're from italy, i'm sure that you'll want to get some of these...

2008.06.03, 03:08 AM
Nic-z thank's for all, now i try to do like you sayd.

Herman thank you, but your name and place where you lived sounds me familiar...you playd soldier of fortune 2 some times ago?
there my nick is =>)SoD(<= Alex31...
i'll post soon some photos about my overland.
Bye bye :-)

2008.06.03, 09:47 PM
i've been playing soldier of fortune forever.... not...
just kidding... no time for games... you might have mistaken me for someone else...

you might want to look at the site below, it's a japanese site that features mini-z's from all over the world... most of them are custom jobs... it might give you some ideas...


we'll be waiting for your pics...

2008.06.04, 12:15 PM
You may be looking for the LSSM mod, here is a link with some pics. There is a tutorial on how to do it somewhere here.