View Full Version : Accomodations in Las Vegas!

2008.06.03, 07:03 AM
About the accomodations in Vegas, will it be like it was in Portugal?

2008.06.06, 07:45 AM
Where do i have to go to have the answer to this simple question??????

2008.06.06, 09:27 AM
Ummm... how many here went to Portugal... raise your hands!


Ok... now how many know what the event is going to be like in Las Vegas... raise your hands!


Not sure why you're giving attitude, but I would guess that there is an extremely limited number of people on here who could answer those very specific questions.

Phil would most likely be the man to talk to... email PN.

2008.06.07, 06:29 AM
Are you one of the organizers???

Last year on this date my question was already answered, so....

2008.06.07, 04:10 PM
I have no idea if the Hotel is going to be taken care of Rui, but I know more than likely the racers will be staying at the Golden Nugget. The race will be the first weekend of November at a convention center in downtown Las Vegas.

Best we can hope for is a group discount rate though...

Just checked rooms at the Golden Nugget. For that weekend it is $159/night for a double bedroom.