View Full Version : 16 and Under Prizes for Season 5!!!

2008.06.03, 08:08 AM
1st 575racer Stafford Racers UK - RTR Mini Z

2nd Ryan Salt Lake Mini-Z - ???

3rd AtomicAlex Stafford Racers UK - ???

4th LightningLuke Stafford Racers UK - ???

Here they are gang!... Your new 16 and Under rankings for Season 5! I'm going to be supplying 1st with the usual brand spanking new RTR MiniZ!

If there is anyone else willing to help out with donations to these guys, post what you got and we'll disperse it amongst these racers accordingly.

Hell of a job guys!

2008.06.03, 09:50 AM
count me in for something. I'll posted later what I have.

2008.06.04, 08:07 AM
I figure it would be best for you to take care of Ryan out there so you don't have to spend for shipping. I'm going to try to hook up 3rd & 4th across the pond too so I can ship all the stuff at once.

I have 2 used Autoscales I'm adding to the mix as well... I have one of the original Porsches and a Blue Dodge Viper... not much but still something.

Anyone else out there have goodies they feel like donating?

Remember... these younger guys are going to be lapping us all in a few years! If we treat them right now, they might go a little easier on us then when they whoop our butts in the future.

2008.06.04, 08:55 AM
i have not bought anything in the last 4 months so i don't have anything to spare. as soon as i get the ko asf module i'll have a stock asf tx to part with though if anyone thinks that is worthwhile, other than just ending up ebay fodder?

2008.06.04, 09:27 AM
I asked Liam if he was interested in getting a 2.4 as his RTR, and I figured he could buy the chassis set and body which I would spring for and maybe someone could donate the stock radio. So, yeah... I'll ask him again, but he said he has no issues with getting an AM.

Thanks Arch!

2008.06.04, 09:50 AM
I should also have a KT-18 available when the modules come out. As a matter of fact. Mini-Z never decided who won the blog contest. If it was me...I should have a new one coming. If that's the case (???) I have a spare I could donate right now.

I could also offer up my services for FET job if anyone wants one. If that sounds like a useful prize we can work out the shipping details. Maybe I could send the winner(s) a USPS shipping label, do the work, then send it back.

2008.06.04, 09:58 AM
sounds good, I'll take care of Ryan. I have a New body and I'll throw in some other small items as well. (who am I kidding all the items for these are small :p)

2008.06.04, 11:25 AM
we could do some atomic tyres for the 2 at sruk to save you guys shipping?

2008.06.04, 12:07 PM
This is great guys... I really appreciate all of this!

Liam is going to go with the 2.4ghz set so I will need a controller to ship with it then. I think Arch should have my shipping address, if not, let me know!

I will send the used Autoscales along with the stuff for Liam, and let 3rd and 4th place decide which ones they want.

Tires would be great for your Crew too MK2... sweet deal man!

Turbo service is a great donation too Spoon... I'll let you decide who gets it. (maybe for our 5th place 16U racer?)

2008.06.04, 12:50 PM
Turbo service is a great donation too Spoon... I'll let you decide who gets it. (maybe for our 5th place 16U racer?)

That sounds fine to me. Domestic is better since the shipping won't be too outrageous.

2008.06.04, 01:00 PM
Either hook Ryan up from SLC or maybe Drew from WF 1/28 RC Club (he's our 5th place 16U)... maybe Brian could hook you up with an address for him or his club leader.

2008.06.04, 01:03 PM
im just sorting the tyres out now for luke and alex of sruk,should be shipping them tomorrow:)

2008.06.04, 02:08 PM
Drew is bye bye's son. :D

2008.06.04, 02:42 PM
Oh wow... guess he doesn't need a fet service guy then! :D

2008.06.05, 12:34 PM
tyres shipped:)

2008.06.05, 01:36 PM
Thansk MK2 and thanks again to all of you for helping out!

Liam's 2.4ghz is on it's way from MZR to me, and I will be needing a controller for him so let me know if one of you guys still want to ship one to me.


2008.06.08, 09:29 AM
Wow... damn this Mazda is pretty! You might find it hard to open it up out of the case when you get it! :rolleyes:

Thanks to David for the always-superfast shipping from TinyRC!

I'm going to ship all the stuff out as soon as I get a controller for you 575Racer... I will also box up the bodies for 3rd & 4th and will try to get some other stuff in there for you guys.

2008.06.12, 12:26 AM
I might get a controller from Larry, so if I do get one from him I'll ship the goods.

Sorry for the delay! I think this is the longest time I've had a Z in my possesion and haven't opened it... I need this gone... it needs to be driven... it's begging to be put on my track! ;) j/k

2008.06.12, 07:48 AM
It looks like you have this season taken care of, let us know if you need any more goodies for the young crowd.. We can always come up with some tires or something to send..

P.S. The F1 looks great, it should be ready for July..

2008.06.12, 08:20 AM
The more the better, but I think were good for this season. Thanks for the offer!

Glad to hear the F1 worked out for you... that car has battled some of the best and it's good to know it's going to be used in that way again!

2008.06.12, 09:57 AM
I'm going to set Ryan up with a new ASC body and some new tires.

that should keep him happy. We are going to try our best to move him into first place for Under 16 for next season.

He will still qualify for under 16 for 4 more years :eek: He is very fast just needs to work on the consistancy and a little improvement on his involvment in crashes ;) , but we are working on it.

2008.06.12, 11:39 AM
I believe there was only a point in it in the end too! a very close race.I think Lee has 3 years left in U16,so hopefully we'll see some more close finishes:D

2008.06.12, 11:40 AM
just wana say thanks for such a sweeet prize, it sounds awesome cant wait to get it and start racing!
lol briankstan, i think thats sort of my problem too!

oh and sorry i havent posted here before, wanted to wait till most the prize stuff was sorted out