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2008.06.03, 11:19 AM
new hfay s6 car,
3x3 fet stack
atomic 1deg front knuckles
atomic ss pins
atomic dps
atomic motor mount
kyosho ball diff
kyosho carbon sus plates
kyosho 20deg rear atomic 30deg front
and a white body!!!(thanks to cowboy)


it needs the top shock i have on order then its a case of adjusting the tweak:rolleyes:
do i AD band this one too ;)

2008.06.03, 04:03 PM
Looks like you slotted the carbon flex plates, MK2... dremel? :)

2008.06.03, 05:01 PM
Very nice!! I also would like to know about the sloted CF side plates. Did you do that yourself? Also do you plan on painting the body? I never could get my Atomic rear end working correctly. I think the little arm that holds the damper plates was tweeked or something. Yours looks really nice.

2008.06.03, 05:57 PM
the rear plates came slotted,i asumed they were the kyosho plates:confused:
so far i have a little tweak but nothing a little fiddling at the track cant sort
the body will stay white for now as all my others are:cool:

2008.06.03, 07:49 PM
I can't recall which plates they are but I think(80% sure) they are from gpm...

The top shock that came with the damper system was hopeless...I binned it and couldn't find all the parts for it when i sold it to you.

Looking pretty good in your hands, mk2.;)

2008.06.04, 05:25 AM
ahh cool,im just trying to get the dd smoother,not as much travel as i thought with it fitted.
wheres ruf when you need him:D

2008.06.06, 08:11 AM
im running a hfay s5 motor in it at the moment,im hoping its alot slower with the new s6 motor!!!
it drives really well now,still a bit of push though:confused:
at high speed the front end slides a bit then hooks the car round

2008.06.06, 10:07 AM
Do you upgrade the steering fets when doing a driving fet stack? Also have you used the PN F1 mount? I'm trying to decide which way to go all ATM or PN mount with K shock.

2008.06.06, 10:14 AM
it needs a dps for me to drive it,i dont think the pn mount allows you to use the atm dd,ive got the atm shocks coming in by weds(3day ems)so hopefully ill be able to do a review on all three atm parts
the steering fets dont get done,i suppose you could but i doubt it would benifit anything

2008.06.06, 10:36 AM
im running a hfay s5 motor in it at the moment,im hoping its alot slower with the new s6 motor!!!
it drives really well now,still a bit of push though:confused:
at high speed the front end slides a bit then hooks the car round

The S6 is a bit slower than the S5 motor. If its pushing a bit you could try some softer front springs, or maybe a stiffer rear spring.

2008.06.06, 10:46 AM
im using white atm awd springs for the dd to keep the back end up untill i get the rear shock in,the fronts are stock.
i might go for a softer tyre?
ill have to change the setup when the motors get here anyway

2008.06.06, 10:59 AM
My F1 Setup

Mini-Z board with 3010 Fets, single stack
PN 6 Rear ribbed tires
Kyosho 30 Front ribbed tires
Kyosho 1 Camber Knuckles
PN steel bearings
PN F1 LCG Motor Mount
Stock Rear Springs
Stock Front Springs
Kyosho F1 Top shock, 2 shims.
Kyosho Ball diff w/ PN 52 tooth Spur Gear.
PN 12 Tooth Pinion
HFAY Spec Motor (PN Racing)
Kyosho Carbon Fiber side plates (shim as needed)
Ferrari F2005 MS body.

this is bar far the best setup I've had on my F1 for our specific track conditions. :D

2008.06.06, 11:02 AM
what tires are you running? looks like the atomics. I had those and my front did the same thing they hooked and spun the f1 around, I switched over to kyoshos 15's in front and pn 6's in back, last night I ran it and now F1 is my favorite class...even though my transponder wasn't working lol.

2008.06.06, 11:03 AM
cheers brian,i want to try the pn rear tyres will you be stocking them?
you run the stock kyosho rear springs with the monoshock?

2008.06.06, 11:31 AM
cheers brian,i want to try the pn rear tyres will you be stocking them?
you run the stock kyosho rear springs with the monoshock?

I have the tires in stock. ;)

The PN Mount still allows you to use the rear springs like the stock mount. :D

2008.06.06, 11:49 AM
i see,expect an order soon;)

2008.06.09, 04:35 PM
worlds first belt drive f1?


maybe ill be able to handle the fet stack now:D

2008.06.09, 04:46 PM
The belt drive is sweet. Did you use the TGR parts or is that a custom job? Let us know how you like it on the track.

2008.06.09, 04:57 PM
so far on the floor in my living room its good,just fitted the new s6 motor too:)
its a mix of diff parts i had in a box and i think a gpm f1 diff shaft.
more pics soon...

2008.06.09, 08:22 PM
smoother take off and cornering:)
there is some slip there it aids traction so its all good

wheel off pic


2008.06.15, 02:32 PM
sorry its off the phone but the sound is there ;)

http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/mk2kompressor/th_Video-0002.jpg (http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/mk2kompressor/?action=view&current=Video-0002.flv)

2008.06.15, 03:33 PM
that's amazing, all you can hear is the tires on the track.

2008.06.15, 04:38 PM
thats beyond sweet, gives a look at your part list so I can make one ;)

2008.06.15, 06:08 PM
its top secret nic,a blend of 7 different herbs and diff's;)
i still have to test this on a bigger track this coming sunday,cant wait:D

2008.06.16, 04:30 AM
That's excellent! It's so quiet!

When are us non-TGR-team drivers gonna get a taste of the belt driven diff!?

I've been sitting on the edge of my seat for one since January now! :p

2008.06.16, 08:13 AM
im working on it;)
the shop will be open friday,hopefully we will have some in there soon

2008.06.16, 08:58 AM
I saw the thread on the TGR Belt drive thread back in January, its not a question of what it is but more of a question on when and where can I get one hee hee.

2008.06.19, 02:54 PM
well that didnt' take too long, so TGR belt driven system can be purchased at atomic mods dot com I picked it up for 27 bucks I will do just as you did and use a spare F1 diff shaft and give it a go if I like it enough I might swap out my 02's with it as well. I just really like the noise reduction with this one.

2008.07.15, 11:06 PM
would castor be beneficial to the f1?
and also what camber does everyone use?

did you get the bdds installed yet?

2008.07.16, 02:15 AM
mk2, you get those bits yet?

2008.07.16, 10:33 AM
sorry D,i got them,much appreciated:)
those rims are well tasty,just what i wanted:D

2008.07.16, 05:59 PM
excellent...glad you are getting some use of them.

i appreiciate your patience with me with the dleay of all the random small parts I found after i shipped the white body. i hope it looks decently sharp now.;)

2008.07.16, 06:30 PM
i was happy just having the whitebody:)
actually just converting it over to ad band right now,as the awd is going 2.4:D

2009.03.25, 02:16 AM
got some new pics im sure i posted:o

sanded edges on the batt cover


and its now 2.4Ghz


2009.03.25, 11:19 AM
mk2kompressor what are thoose suspension plates? home made?

2009.03.25, 12:42 PM
johnny,those are gpm plates modified with only one bar:)

2009.03.25, 02:02 PM
Looking good Matt! The 2.4 is the real deal for the F1. It makes the car SO responsive, as the set ups are allready on the sensative side. I love it though :D Are you going to make any PNWC regionals this year? Im really looking forward to running my F1 (and hopefully Ill finish this time, lol)......

Oh, and to asnwer your old question (at the top of the page), I dont see why castor would be any different on the F1 as oppsed to the MR02. I dont use it on my MR02s though, as I didnt notice any significant advantage, and I dont particularly like running alloy when there is no benefit, so I didnt test long (on MR02 of course).

I was reccomended from this forum (seems thats what every one was running at the time), and by CT to get the 1d toe out bar, and the 1d kyosho camber knuckles. They are the perfect settings, IMO, and have worked every where Ive run the car. I only have to fine tune with springs a little (and only sometimes), but everything else remains constant (even when I raced anti-fatigue mats in ATL), track to track.

2009.03.26, 06:58 AM
i doubt ill make any regionals,we wanted to run the uk's first one but rcp is too expensive to get in time:(
(unless the rcp dude will start shipping direct to the uk mini z,will not pickup properly over here..ever)

the 2.4 runs great with this setup,i got a vid of the f1 in action but got to wait to post it as its this months hfay:)

2009.03.26, 09:21 AM
[QUOTE=mk2kompressor;341120]i doubt ill make any regionals,QUOTE]

there is a PNWC regionals now in april here in Sweden, there are still places left. info/signup: www.radicalrides.se

2009.03.27, 12:32 AM
If you switch out the board with 2.4 doesn't it affect the performance of the car as well?? Or am I not understanding something here...

2010.01.04, 09:01 AM
its about time i got this updated:o

running a ltd 2.4 chassis kit,same old white body but with a few changes to the setup;

pn racing rear pod
kyosho side plates
kyosho f1 shock with yellow spring atm mid visc grease and 3 spacers
kyosho yellow side springs
kyosho green front springs
kyosho 20* rears
atm 30 front slicks
atm ti diff with ceramic balls and thrust bearing
ceramic bearings
kyosho +.2mm tierod


2010.02.04, 01:26 PM

I like that set up you have on the F1 when you have that belt drive. You don't used the belt drive anymore?
I'm thinkin' of using it on KO Grand Prix race! Is it a good set up for open motor race? I'm tryin' to search for a good set-up.


2010.02.04, 01:52 PM
its only good for smaller tracks (2 wide L)
great for tight and twisty but open straight tracks too much slip

2010.02.05, 03:25 PM
its only good for smaller tracks (2 wide L)
great for tight and twisty but open straight tracks too much slip

But it looks so good:D! Have you guys try it on MR02 or MR03 yet?

http://i587.photobucket.com/albums/ss315/rvntuason/th_rravatar.jpg (http://s587.photobucket.com/albums/ss315/rvntuason/?action=view&current=rravatar.jpg)

2010.02.05, 04:50 PM
I was sponsored by tgr;)
tried it on mr02's,sinisters and the mrcg
all good on smaller tracks but not punchy enough for big

2010.06.23, 11:09 AM
pics of the current setup


adjustable height Kyosho f1 shock with yellow spring and Atomic med visc grease


reflex 53t spur,Kyosho diff outers,atomic ti shaft and ceramic balls


latest kyosho damper tubes and yellow springs


tyres are PN 6* rear and Atomic 40* front