View Full Version : HFAY Season 6 Track Selection

2008.06.04, 10:38 AM
Here are the tracks available for selection for Season 6, please vote for your favorite 6.

Please only vote if you are participating in the HFAY OLPS Race Series.

If you have some ideas please send them to me and I can draw them up and have them available for next season

2008.06.04, 10:40 AM

2008.06.09, 09:49 AM
You've got about a week or so left to get your votes in for your favorite track.

make your selections now. the 5 tracks with the highest votes will be the ones we will be racing on.

2008.06.17, 09:20 AM
Poll closes tomarrow. if you haven't voted yet you will want to do it very soon.

Make your voice hear on the tracks you want to run. :cool:

and as always if you have an Idea for a track be sure and email them to me, they would be available for the next season.

2008.06.18, 11:37 PM
the track we will be running on are 18,12,5,1,9 :cool:

2008.08.13, 05:51 PM
Just wondering,was the last track number a typo? As track 19 got a lot more % than track number 9,and i thought the tracks with the most votes were to be raced?

track 9 got 5 votes (22.73%) track 19 got 9 votes (40.91%)