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2008.06.04, 04:17 PM
PN Racing HFAY 70-turn Motor - On Track Tests

So the static tests were interesting but it is on the track where differences matter. If you want to cut to the chase...I love these new motors. They are smooth, responsive and deliver power better than the stock motors. I get more punch out of the corners and am consistently 7-8 seconds faster than with the stock motor on a 20-lap Time Trial around a track that is a bit bigger than an HFAY 2-L track.

What about that static test data? The Kyosho Stock Motors get 33,000 plus and the HFAY 70-turn about 24,000. I thought faster was always better. Not so! Under load and in race conditions the HFAY motor accelerates harder and is more tractable. I'm no motor genius but I can tell you the HFAY motor feels a lot better.

How about that Amp draw? After over 1,200 laps over 3 different cars equipped with the new Season 6 motors no problems with the stock 3010 FETs. I've been running 4 test sessions back to back.

So far I've run about fifty 20-lap time trials with the new motor and about a twenty 20-lap sessions with my Season 5 car with the stock Kyosho Motor. I learned all I need to know there, the new motor is faster.

Next, I swapped the stock motor out for a Season 6 Motor in the old Season 5 Stock car to see how it goes. The chassis are set up slightly differently between the new car and the Season 5 car.

The main differences between the Season 5 car and the new Season 6 Car are:

Motor Mount
The Season 5 Car has the 3Racing mount so I could use the stock motor.
The New Car has a PN Racing mount necessitating a drilled motor can which the HFAY Spec motor is.

Rear Damper
The Season 5 Car has the 3Racing damper.
The New Car has a PN Racing damper.

Front Steering Knuckles
Season 5 Car -.5D PN Front Steering Knuckles and PN Stainless King Pins
New Car -1.0D PN Front Steering Knuckles and PN Stainless King Pins

Front Springs
Season 5 Car - Green Atomic RCP Springs
Season 6 Car - Yellow Atomic RCP Springs

After the motor swap in the old car lap times were about 5 seconds faster over 20 laps in the exact same car. 5 seconds just due to the motor swap. So, the new chassis is set up slightly better for me but the two cars are very close.

For what is is worth, before the tests began, I was able to run faster and more consistent laps with my Season 5 Stock Motor car than with my Season 5 HFAY Spec car. The new Season 6 Car is faster for me than either Season 5 Car. The Spec motor was certainly faster but the consistency of the Stock Motor was better for me in Season 5. I'd put the new Season 6 Motor somewhere in between the 2 options from last year. It is faster than the stock motor and easier for me to drive than the Season 5 Motor. 7-8 seconds in 2 minutes = 28-32 seconds over an 8-minute OLPS race! That is sweet and should mean I can run 6 more laps that with the stock motor I ran last year during an HFAY race. I'm looking forward to being more competitive!

So now that I have 2 98mm Ford GTs running very similar lap times I am going to try a 94mm chassis with one of them to see if I can run it faster. I will be converting one of the Ford GTs to a Lexus SC430. I can also test the 350Z body and the Audi A4 but will start with the SC430. More on this in another post!


2008.06.04, 05:31 PM
thanks for the info Greg. it's much appreciated.