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2008.06.06, 10:23 AM
My Cupcap pickup came today:D just got to decide on the paint scheme now.
Anyone else paint their's? It says to use polycarbonate paint on it.Does this mean acrylics are no good for it? Am i going to have to paint it with rattle cans?


2008.06.06, 10:26 AM
acrylic will be fine,does it have a mask/overspray sheet over it?
looks cool though:)

2008.06.06, 11:11 AM
It appears to be the same as a 1/10 body.Protective film on the outside of the body,nothing on the inside.I'm going to go to the LHS tomorrow and see if i can get a paint on mask for the inside as i want to use a few different colours on this and masking with tape would be a huge pita! I think the truck is much better looking than the car version.

2008.06.06, 01:47 PM
I finish paint mine, I love this car handling.



2008.06.06, 01:52 PM
That's a nice job! where did you get the decals from?

2008.06.06, 09:54 PM
same web/shop where you get the conversion kit

2008.06.07, 07:21 AM
i've done a cool paint job on mine, but ive got to take some pics of it yet!
Black and pink.

2008.06.07, 03:11 PM
I'm halfway through painting mine,and when cleaning the airbrush i've lost a small(but pivotal) part.So until i can get one no more airbrushing for me:( . Plus i'm still waiting for a spare tip i ordered about a month ago,i'm preying they have the part i need or can at least get one in a reasonable timeframe.

2008.06.07, 03:14 PM
I had an email a few days ago from Reflex saying my original order (the new chassis for this car) was destroyed in the system,and they re sent it.I'm hoping it'll be here in time for the meet.