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2008.06.10, 04:31 AM
We're not talking about health and fitness here...

I was curious as to when you would cycle your batteries. Why would you cycle them over charging them??

Should this be done regularly? Should it be done over regular charges?

It's probably my ignorance here but it almost seems redundant to me...

Somebody, please fill me in :confused:

2008.06.10, 08:07 AM
its kind of a quicker break in to prevent crystalisation inside the batteries,i rest them for 3 days after raceday then cycle them

2008.06.11, 11:51 PM
cycling your battery is a pattern of full charging & full discharging your cells

From a battery matchers stand point, i see as much as 10 to 15 seconds of runtime lost when you cycle your battery per cycle. so make sure you keep this in mind when cycling your cells.

the same applies when you use your battery on regular runs on the track.

2008.06.12, 03:43 AM
Thanks guys!

2008.06.27, 01:38 AM
So would you recommend cyling often, or just when you buy new batteries?