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2008.06.10, 08:09 AM
We will be racing at my place this Sunday the 15th. 10:30am-5:00pm seems to be the norm. Should be a larger gathering this time around.

We had some great racing 2 weeks ago with Larry & Dave having some great battles, also had some tight racing in the B Main as well! We did race last Sunday as well, but it was pretty much a test and tune day. Also found out that there was a rain caution needed for the one corner due to crazy hot 95 degree humidity outside, and damp 60 degree air inside! This problem is now solved due to the purchase of a de-humidifier, so look for the donation bucket at the door when you guys come in! :D

PM me if you need directions.

Oh, and the usual test & tune on Thursday nights 6:30pm-10:30pm, hope to see you there!

2008.06.15, 11:15 PM
What happened to DOW website?

The high gas price is making it difficult for us to come to PA as often as before.
How about PN Racing Regional this year?

2008.06.16, 07:42 AM
I understand the fuel cost issues Sai, I kind of figured that was part of it.

Yes, we are currently trying to arrange a date for the PN Regionals for sometime in mid-September.

And yes... the DOW website is dead. Had to kill it off due to various issues.