View Full Version : battery`s dont last long

2008.06.10, 12:53 PM
changed my awd to the 2.4 and now the batterys dont seem to last to long in the car now they are brand new 1000mah nimh when i put them in my am car they seem to last longer just trying to find out why the 2.4 drains the batterys faster for some reason

2008.06.10, 01:51 PM
Double the fets, and it uses more power...

2008.06.10, 02:20 PM
I was having the same issue with all my cars including 2wd... I changed my fets to 4562 and 8962 and they last 25-30 mins on my 2wd and 15-20 on my awd.

2008.06.10, 02:29 PM
just seems to be my awd that i converted the other awd i have is ok. thought there might be something wrong with the 2.4 ghz

2008.06.11, 03:36 PM
Try the Team Scream batteries, there awesome! They lasted me for 30 minutes endurance race, car started to crawel at a snail speed of Scale 2MPH, wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the finish line. But for the first 25 minutes, it was running strong and fast! Coarse, that was with a stock board, so I can't say for sure with a moded board, but try theme anyway, they are the best batteries I've used!

2009.05.02, 11:59 AM
I have same problem Batteries wont last, Noticed when I turn the car on the motor runs on itīs own, then speed is OK but Batteries last only 5 min
Bad Fet?, bad Board?
Any fixes on this?

2009.05.03, 10:22 PM
they are brand new 1000mah nimh
my guess is that you have to cycle the batts... new batts take a while or a few couple of cycles to achieve their max capacity.... plus the asf does have more fets... plus in an awd, it will consume more power... hope this helps...

2009.05.03, 10:48 PM
I havent really timed the runtime since I havent really played as long as possible ina while, but I remember orion 900s giving me at least half an hour of decent runtime. Try hybrid duracells if you want your set to keep its charge between race days or even play days.