View Full Version : 2.4Ghz Overland

2008.06.15, 12:36 AM
Is it possible to convert an Overland to 2.4Ghz? If so, which converter do I need? mr-010 or mr-02?

2008.06.15, 08:16 AM
I think Nic-z converted one of his Overlands.Try shooting him a PM.

2008.06.15, 12:45 PM
mini-gt3, I used a mr-02 asf board but thats just cause I had one laying around. I think the MA-10's have longer pot wires? either way I don't think they are long enough still because of the location of the pot on the overland and the shortness of the asf board, I would get what ever is more readily avalible and better yet which ever is cheaper as you will most likely have to extend the wires longer anyways. Its a pretty straight forward conversion other than the longer wires to the pot. The hardest part I had was cramming three pot wires throught he front gearbox/servo housing, vs. what it was made for which was 2, I used telephone line wire which usually works but particular job I wish I just got the correct gauge wire and went from there. After you get all the bits sorted and installed, the last part is your top cover. Until kyosho makes an OL 2.4 cover, you'll need to make a small hole for your sync button or 'pairing' button on the board. if you are really anal, you could cut down the crystal hump and then epoxy over or hot glue the opening shut to keep rcp or what every debri you're rolling your ol in and around. I race mind with a H2 Hummer with some super swampers on them so there is plenty of space to get crap up all in there. I recently switched to a new Escalade which contrary to what others have said, is actually lower CG than the H2 and has the same wide wheel base as the hummer. Though the body itself is longer, I don't much care since when racing you can always tell which is front and what end is the rear lol.