View Full Version : miniRc action from Buenos Aires

2008.06.15, 10:38 PM
Filmed yesterday at our club. Enjoy:

Youtube version (http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=lFKmCb17bUc) - HQ version (http://silverlight.services.live.com/69478/CircuitoZur%202008%20-%20video%20Promocion%20-%2013Junio2008/video.wmv)

2008.06.21, 08:16 PM
100 views and no comments??? :eek:

Fantastic you guys!!!! Hey!! Thanks! :D

2008.06.22, 12:35 PM
So are you all a club or is that a hobby shop you race at. Just wondering how you run things there. I have a space with a track that I practice at. I am thinking of opening it up to the public, just wondering how you all take care of costs and what not.

Jay Vasquez

2008.06.22, 06:19 PM
Jay, we are a club. Every member has a fee that helps to pay for the rent of the room and also, when there's enough money in the pot, we invest in improving the track, the space we use, and also in some tools for everybody.

If you plan to open up a track, think if you want to be owner and master or just one more of the bunch.

2008.06.22, 08:26 PM
beautiful track! Looks great and has a nice flow to it too. Thanks for sharing the vid.

2008.07.06, 09:45 AM
Wow Man Sweet Track Que Pista! I Would Love To Do A Couple Laps On It. Nice Club I Hope The Interest In Mini-z's Increases Down There!:)