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2008.06.16, 12:55 PM
does anyone know were to get a pcb board with motor and potention meter on for a iwaver monster truck same one as the mini-z monster truck

2008.06.16, 01:48 PM
i would just go with a kyosho one.there must be plenty of used ones cause everybody is going 2.4does anyone know were to get a pcb board with motor and potention meter on for a iwaver monster truck same one as the mini-z monster truck

2008.06.16, 02:09 PM
only thing is i would need to change the length of the potention meter wires and iam no good at soldering thanks for that anyway

2008.06.18, 12:26 AM
I would agree to yamar6 on this, since we have discountinue the Firelap 4.0 series and are no longer producing the PCB for it.
The iwaver 05 PCB would not work for your need as well.
As for the Kyosho one, I'm not sure how long do you need the meter wire extended to fit for the chassis. I think you could go to your electronics friend or even a hardware store help you extend it.

2008.07.05, 04:45 PM
thanks for the help found a used but really battered monster truck so just stripped that for the parts thanks again

2008.07.06, 09:30 PM
keeping spare parts around the house is really important for chassis repair.
I'm glad that you found what you need.

2008.07.21, 03:58 PM

I've just bought the optional intellect rechargable battery pack for iwaver 05. When I conntected the battery the pcb's fets burned out.

Does anybody knows if iwaver sells the 05-pcb separately? Where can i buy it? If not, what are the most suitable fets for iwaver 05 with the intellect battery pack? What is the mos suitable configuration? 2+2 maybe?


2008.07.21, 09:30 PM
This is quite strange to hear that the FET has burned.
Since I have personally converted and checked many of the 05 with rechargeable battery pack and has not encounter this problem.

We currently do not have iwaver 05 PCB sold separately. However I can't find your order for ordering iwaver 05 from our store history. Did you buy it some where else?

2008.07.22, 03:39 AM
Hi fangel.
Thanks for your fast reply.

I don't know what coudl be happend. Normally fets burn out when you use de car, not only when connect de batteries.

I didn`t buy the iwaver 05 in toyeast. I bought it in ebay (I wanted to avoid duty problems), but I've bought the battery in toyeast a few weeks ago.

I'll try to replace fets but I'm not sure if this will solve the problem. Can you give me any advise about fets?


2008.07.22, 09:18 PM
It's true, FETs usually burn when you draw current through them. Not when you just connect the batteries. I'm not sure what happen, I guess it might be a voltage leak or short circuit some where.

Since I don't know where you are from, so I couldn't understand how buying from eBay would save you on duty, since we could provide invoice to your need.

I think replacing the FETs should help, however I do not have any recommendation.

2008.07.23, 03:48 AM
I donīt know if the electronic of a iwaver o2 can run on a truck,maybe you can try with this:



2008.07.27, 09:29 PM
The Firelap PCB would not fit in the 05 PCB box, also the power and motor connection is different on the 05 then on the NR PCB.
However if you really would like to mod it for the fitting, I guess it might work.
Please beware of the higher current voltage draw from the 280 motor.

2008.09.15, 04:06 PM

I've just discovered why my iwaver 05 pcb burded out when I connected the nimh battery pack.

The cause is that the nimh battery pack has inverse polarity respect to the AA battery pack.

I donīt know If itīs a fault of my battery pack or if this is normal.