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2008.06.17, 10:50 PM
hi folks got this pm from Marianitem maybe some of you can help out...
my answers are in orange....

Hi. IŽve seen your post about many FET things. Maybe you can help. Also, i donŽt know where to post this.

- For installing fets (1+1) iŽve seen there are different kinds of 3010 fets (HAT3010R, 3010 5E1, 3010 6F1). Do i have to use a matching couple? Or being 3010 is enough to work? I mean, may i mix a 3010 5E1 and a HAT3010R?
i think it would be best for you to have a matched set of fets...

- I have an Overland PCB, which has crystal receiver pointing up and the black box pointing down. Can i unsolder the crystal receiver and install it on the same side of the black box, just like a 02? This space should have to holes through which the crystal receiver crosses.
Any clue?
yes, if you believe that you have some pretty good soldering skills, you can reposition the crystal receiver, otherwise have somebody else do it for you

Thx for your help.

2008.06.17, 11:08 PM
As far as the 3010 fet question, that is the model, but most manufactures have other numbers letters to identify date, plant location, or whatever they feel is necessary.

I'd agree with the crystal adapter, aside from the location of the adapter, mr-02 and OL pcbs look the same, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. I also wouldn't try doing that, a little on the difficult side

2008.06.17, 11:58 PM
Thx guys! I think iŽll keep that unmatched FET as a backup and install a matched pair.
For the crystal, iŽll do it.