View Full Version : f1 motor spacers

2008.06.18, 02:32 PM
Does anyone have any spare motor spacers for 7 and 8 tooth pinions they are willing to part with? I want to experiment before season 6 starts if poss.

2008.06.20, 06:29 AM
I will pay for them if someone has some.

2008.06.20, 08:12 AM
Hey Jayce, sorry mate, i dont, but to be honest i would have though a 7 - 8 would maybe be too low, and might just spin on all the corners of a HFAY track as there would be too much torque. I used to run a 9t and that still spun because of too much torque, it wasn't until i got the new controller and turned down the EPA on the throttle that i (half) got it sorted!

2008.06.20, 08:24 AM
I'm currently running a 6t pinion,and at the moment my only real problem with it is it spins out off throttle going into corners. I can set up a fairly small HFAY style track at home to test setups with. So you think i should try a 9t,as it's the only other motor spacer i have for the f1. Won't that give me a lot more top speed?(not always a good idea for me)