View Full Version : June 21st meetup

Action B
2008.06.20, 12:57 AM
You guys know the deal! We were put off last week so just a reminder that this saturday is the replacement to the regularly scheduled meet.

Hopefully there will be a good turnout because i'm bringing minions and maybe a friend or two.

What is a minion? excellent question.

Minion-n-A younger, smaller, adorable person that is endeared to and follows an adult.

Bring any extra cars guys! The people I am bringing don't have very cars or may be lacking cars completely.

Also, Nate, can you bring transponders and the Core program please?

Jason, I know you got spare XMOD evo cars and stuff, also, they might like your video camera thing, so you gotta jazz them... You are the jazzyone right?

Mike, I dont have to tell you to bring your sweet box, and any leftover sodas please!

Can anyone contact Justin?

2008.06.20, 08:21 AM
It's on like donkey kong

2008.06.20, 05:17 PM
ill be there like paint on the wall, but i will be a little late, for work and money is needed to continue hobby.my intent is b4 nooon, i havent met a hole yet i cant dominate so its on for sure

Action B
2008.06.20, 05:25 PM
Good, I'm going to post a classified ad for the minions requesting anyone sell them used cars they no longer need to help them get started IF they show significant interest and show up to meets regularly. I want to call the program HAMR (pronounced "hammer")


These are good kids, of course, I want to emphasize that they must show significant interest for me to do that.