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2008.06.21, 12:02 PM
hey guys, just picked up a yota landcruiser- and the shell doesnt sit quite right on the chassis, so the wheels on one side sit further out than the other, and a wheel scrapes the shell:confused: ive tried sanding the clips down, didnt know if anyone had come accros it before?

2008.06.21, 01:14 PM
Is your chassis setup correctly? If you know this stuff, sorry. Just ignore the post. If not:

1 - suspension mounts. do you have alternates? should have been included with either your original kit or with the body (hopefully) Use "A" in the front and "2" in the back
2 - kingpin pivot points. Pop out your batteries and you'll see the little plastic clips. CAREFULLY slide those off (don't lose them) and push the pins out. For the Landcruiser Again, I believe the settings are: "A" for the front and "2" for the back.

Good luck

2008.06.21, 01:22 PM
yup, done that

2008.06.21, 01:30 PM
do you have a picure?

2008.06.21, 01:35 PM
ive got the chassis in pieces at the moment, but i can get one later