View Full Version : Atomic Monster Wheels & Tires fro Micro T.

2008.06.23, 08:25 PM
I just received the new Monster Wheels & Tires for the Losi Micro T from Atomic, very cool!

Here are a couple of pics comparing them to the stock sized wheels.

And a close up on the Micro T chassis.

2008.06.24, 04:05 PM
Unfortunately, I can't edit, :( or I would have changed my first post. ;)

I've now had some time to test these out and they are a very nice improvement, especially if you have the brushless upgrade. The tires are extremely sticky so they provide excellent traction especially with the added surface due to the width.

The brushless setup is unbelievably fast, with these monster wheels & tires the performance is taken to a whole new level. :D

2008.06.24, 07:37 PM
Any problem breaking stuff with that much "meat" hanging out there?

Howzabout specifics on your brushless setup?

I've just recently got back into my Micro Desert Truck. Nimh battery died so I bought the Losi Lipo and charger and it really woke it up. Can't imagine a brushless system....

2008.06.25, 10:19 AM
The wheels themselves are pretty beefy so I think they should be durable, however I haven't had a chance to really thoroughly test them out, jumps etc.

The ESC and motor is the Losi LOSB9594 1/36 Xcelorin 8750Kv Brushless Combo.


The receiver is an Airtronics 92737 27MHz AM that I had on hand and works very well as far as control goes, however it's really to large for this car.

I'm going to replace it with the new KO PROPO KR-408S which is a 2.4GHz Micro 4 channel receiver. It is very small (28 x 18.3 x 18.5 x (mm), 7.5 g) and no crystal so it will work very well Micro T or the Desert Buggy. I'm waiting for the 2.4GHz module for my EX-10 Helios to arrive and this will be a very hot setup. :D


2008.06.26, 08:29 PM
Thanks for the info on your setup. I suppose you absolutely have to go separate rx/ servo to run the Xcelorin motor and esc? That 2.4 system looks like it'll be sweet.

The durability question: I was thinking more about knuckles and suspension arms taking the extra leverage/torque of big tires in a roll-over or a cartwheel. I'm sure those wheels are pretty tough. Let us know when you get some run time on it...

2008.07.21, 06:51 PM
Well, I finally had a little time to play with this set-up and all I can say is yikes!!! :eek:

The brushless setup with these huge meats is just insane. You really can't get an idea of the power. If you just hit the throttle slightly, not even hard, this thing will do a wheely and flip over backward in just a fraction of a second. It's almost too much power, if there is such a thing. :D

As far as breaking things, everything suspension wise on this buggy is alloy so that is not an issue. It just bounces back from even the worst mishaps. ;)