View Full Version : miniz: hummer h2/w lambo boat, HITCH QESTUION?

2008.06.24, 04:32 PM
What are you guys doing to link the lambo boat and my hummer h2 overland thats clean and easy? really sweet if it is for sale.

1st mini-z ever noobie

2008.06.25, 12:20 PM
My dads boat came with a hitch that attaches to the motor pod. Did yours not come with this part?

It works flawlessly on the porsche cayenne, but is a little short for his F150. Once he switches over to the F150 for good, he is going to cut the ball off of the hitch assembly, and mount it straight to the bumper.


2008.06.26, 09:06 AM
thanks for the reply!!!, let me double check the kit

i dont think i saw it in there

2008.06.26, 09:15 AM
I have the exact set up you are talking about with pictures posted under the boat catergory in this forum, you can look at the pics in there, and yes your boat unless bought used comes with a little hitch that mounts in the two holes on your rear motor clip pretty sweet set up.