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2002.05.25, 02:51 AM
Im looking for the mini z peugot body fer the mini Z can any of you guys point me in the right direction?? Thanks. Also are there any BIGGER wheels for the MINI Z's that might make them off road friendly??? as in concrete??? i race mostly on a Basketball court thats paved smoothe cement. I race with about 12 other people with tricked out mini Z's only My mini z is a porche 911 nad lancia stratos theirs are all skylines and peugots!!! and VERY HIGH!!! the roll like biatches and my porche with the dual twin dampers stay put even on the jumps in the track. MY problem is that for some of the races the jumps are pretty high and I need my mini z chassis to be higher to install harder springs to absorb the fall from the jumps. on that note

How many of you guys ever raced mini z cars RALLY style??? WE built a custom track of Squiggle tube ( pool stuff ) painted it orange + black Yello + black etc. We then used Paper cups and Toilet paper rolls to fashion JUMPS using painted cardboard integrated on the track itself. At one point you jump a huge gap whose center is like a 4 foot drop into a rocky pit hehe. Towards the edge of the basketball court!(where the gap is )We race on sundays and saturdays. Usually fer money. 4 dollar buyin and winner takes all. Per race ;) Get this our girlfriends are the car girls hehe that pimp our cars out of the plexi glass cases lol. Ala fast and the furious I took home a 60 dollar pot one time. My Mini z caught about a foot and a half of air before off of a standard jump. If it wasnt for the reinforced alumium wheels and sturdy h plate + aluminum engine my z was screwed! damn thats a lot of typing@ Approximately 2 to 6 mini z's either blow up, fry esc's, break chassis. rupture gears or other wise cause permanent damge to themselves thats why we walk with over 100 $ in replacement supplies! lol cause you can make 100 after 2 races! ;) and they say theres no point to rc car racin! watcha think guys?

2002.05.25, 02:57 AM
Sounds pretty fun :) I'd join in if I were around...

Next time get some 40 oz'ers and sip up on that before you guys race, to make it interesting!!! LOL

2002.05.25, 03:01 AM
;) I guess gambling is bad on the z forums lol!

BTW im racin

Lancia Stratos ( Blu ) Racing themed

Porche 911 Silver + X Speed and or 8T Custom Wound + Turbo

Both Cars

Clear or Blu Chassis
2deg Alloy Knuckles
TopCad Ball Diff's (Sanded and Oiled with electronics grease)
Full Set of ball bearings
Aluminum Wheels + Matchin Brake Plates
GPM Dual oil Spring roll Shocks + Koyosho Damper Med Springs
Custom Aluminum Battery Clips (Heat Dispersion )
ALLOY Engine (Standard Position + alloy clip (heat again )
Turbo Mounted Using DBL sided tape
X SPeed OR 8T Engine Matchin Turbo + Esc Protect
Front Stabilizer + Soft Spring

Total Cost = 265 fer everything bought over a 2 week period

2002.05.25, 02:15 PM
MachinaX, we can hook you up with a 206; the only bigger rims I'm aware of is these:


2002.05.25, 03:10 PM
TS-tuning.com had at last put the Offroad Beetle project up and released a new set of tirres, take a look (http://www.ts-tuning.com/offroad.html) .
And in the tipps page they show a way to raise your car from the ground.

2002.05.25, 05:52 PM
I want that Body the Pugeot 206 and the Matching Blue Rims. How much for the set? Thanks.


2002.05.25, 06:42 PM
It's about time someone else does something like this. A while ago I coverted my Mini-z into a stadium truck with some parts from a tyco canned heat.
I used the canned heat tranny to get the gear reduction and the canned heat tires fit nicely on the mini-z wheels.I never come up with a way to increase front end suspension travel, but it seems to jump pretty good anyway. The canned heat tires do make it a little higher, not much though. Offroad in my bedroom, cool

T Man
2002.05.26, 06:36 AM
Mini-zs are not meant to be jumped. Ever think about that fragile $100 component in the middle of your car?;)

2002.05.26, 09:23 AM
In response to your comment's

I love R/C cars. I mean I love everything about them. Fixing optomizing pushing them to their LIMITS. It is a Hobby. and like other hobbies HALF of the fun of R/C cars is fixing optomizing and generally breaking **** and making it work better than before. Though I know the middle piece is fragile etc but that will NOT stop me from pushing my z to the limits. As many other racers would agree we are NOT rich. I am not rich. It hurts me pockets to shell out over 400 on a hobby. but I do it cause I love it.

T Man
2002.05.26, 10:22 AM
So, if you had a choice between a beautiful girl with a good personality and r/c stuff, which would you take?:p

2002.05.26, 10:33 AM
I would most definately take BOTH cause I already have both ;)

Attached is a pic of my girl..... stacey ann

T Man
2002.05.26, 05:25 PM
I loose the argument! weeeee!:D