View Full Version : 2.4 AWD program problem? Q and A

2008.06.25, 03:12 PM
Q : Any one try to program 2.4 AWD error?

A : If you have install the Neo Magnet motor in car, not wokring on program, after you take off the motor, you can program it.

2008.06.25, 08:15 PM
uhh... pardon my ignorance... don't get the question (much less the answer).... what's a 2.4awd program error in the first place?

2008.07.01, 09:22 PM
I am guessing:

Q: Problem programming your 2.4G AWD with the Kyosho software?

A: If you have installed motor with Neo magnet onto your 2.4G AWD, and experiencing problem when programming the board--then try to remove the Neo magnet motor from chassis before programming the board, it should help.

(Hope I get this right, but thanks to Crazyracer on providing the software, so far I was lucky enough not to have problem to program car even with the Neo-magnet motor on chassis)