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2008.06.28, 01:08 AM
I just received a 2008 02M Mini Cooper S and I've noticed a couple of issues. The first was an irritating auto reverse caused by ABS, which I promptly turned off to fix the problem. The other is worse. If the motor is on full throttle the servo moves choppily or not at all. However, it is smooth with no jitter at no throttle. Slight application of the throttle will cause an intense jitter that makes steering move choppily. This renders it nearly useless for racing purposes, as transtition times between steering directions are long, sometimes up to 3/4 second. I like my new Iwaver, but at least my xmods could turn well while moving. I dont think this is normal: if it was, people would surely crash a lot more during races where forward movement was involved. This is brand new, fully charged everything. Hope someone can help.

Edit: The car had nearly dead batteries I just charged (wtf??) but I replaced those with different ones and now it runs fine. Mods please delete this thread.

2008.06.29, 09:50 PM
Yes, this is a common issue we are facing with the electronics.
When the voltage on the battery is low, the electronics tends to get noisy and power drainage between the servo and the motor will tends to have an uneven balance.

2008.06.29, 10:44 PM
Thank you fangel. Other than that problem, if you can call it that, my Iwaver experience has been beyond excellent. I love my Mini Cooper S. It is quick and controllable. I plan to do a full write up within the next week.

2008.07.02, 10:09 PM
Thanks for your comment and support.
I hope you would keep enjoying the iwaver and it's products in the future as well...

2008.07.04, 11:05 AM
I'd like to add a comment to the steering issues with the 02M. I've noticed that the car feel's like it's got a delay in the steering. Meaning, as soon as you turn the wheel, it feel's like a quarter a second has gone by and THEN the car will steer. It's almost like you gotta turn the wheel way before you get to the turn! Has anybody else noticed this effect? I maybe exagerating a bit, but it certainly feel's like there is a delay between the hand turning the wheel on the controller, and the car responding to the transmitter. I wonder if having a 2.4 02M would be better! Hmmmmmm....................:)

2008.07.06, 09:31 PM
I know that some forum member claim that upgrading the steering servo would transform the ride performace. I would believe that upgrading it might remove the steering lag that you might be feeling.