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2008.06.28, 02:28 PM
Does anyone know of any east coast dealers of the RCP tracks? Shipping crosscountry is half the price of the track it'self.
There is nowhere to race around here in upstate N.Y.
Lookin in to get a mini 96 track
thanx for any info.

2008.06.28, 06:28 PM
how upstate are you?

2008.06.29, 07:27 AM
From the shop here, orders over $100 ship free. We didnt pay shipping on our track when we bought it here a while back.

2008.06.29, 10:53 AM
between Syracuse and Rochester.
Geez, what an idiot I am. Didn't even notice the free shipping over $100. So my bro. and I just placed the order for the mini96.
Back in action in no time. yeehaw!

2008.07.11, 06:38 PM
Does anybody have any idea how long it takes to recieve an RCP track from the shop here. I ordered it with next day shipping and its been 9 working days not including the 4th of July. What's up!

Just getting real anxiuos to do some racing.

2008.08.04, 10:44 AM

Free fedex ground shipping from the shop here. :)