View Full Version : Reflex Racing part's packages

2008.06.29, 10:11 AM
Hello there. I'll be saving up for the MR02 part's package, but was wondering if you can offer MR15, or AWD part's packages as well?

2008.07.16, 12:57 PM
We are working on a cost-effective AWD parts package. As you know, you can really stack up the dollars on a full-blown AWD. After Cristian is done with the World Championship AWD tutorial, we will launch the Reflex AWD parts package. :)

2008.08.04, 05:56 PM
Still trying to save up for that MR02 package, to many things to want and not enough funds to cover it all. LOL! Fortunetly, I'll be starting a new job next week so hopefully that'll all change.
I just read the first part of the AWD set up tutorial and am waiting to hear about the rest.
I plan on building a 2.4 AWD some time soon, probably after I've rebuilt my Monster.