View Full Version : Leaking shock, how can I fix?

2008.06.30, 03:48 PM
Hello. My 2.4 Countach has a leaking rear shock. I've got the Kyosho oil-filled shock and it's starting to make a mess on my PCB cover. How can I fix this? Can it be fixed, or does it simply need to be replaced? And is there a better shock out there that is not oil-filled? While I like the dampening effect of the oil-filled shock's, they can make a mess of your car. Any suggestion's? How can I find out WHERE it's leaking?

2008.06.30, 06:08 PM
Thank's, but I dont' want to risk gluing something that is supposed to move.

2008.06.30, 09:17 PM
Doesn't the Kyosho oil shock come with a rubber seal that goes on before you cap it off? Maybe just replace that?

2008.06.30, 09:42 PM
I have not seen such a device included with the kit.

2008.06.30, 09:54 PM
hey fish long time.... wonder if i told you i finally got to see the entire voltes v saga.... finally closure.... eerrr uhmm... back on topic...

2008.06.30, 09:57 PM
yeah fish is right there should be an o-ring or rubber cap or something.... can't seem to remember, like it's been that long since i've assembled one...

or you can use teflon tape... make a go around the thread...

hope this helps... :D

2008.06.30, 09:59 PM
Okay, when I opened up the caseing, I did find a black rubber thing inside it, I think they actually call it the bladder. But no such o-ring or cap. However, I did find in my Dad's stash some heat-shrink tubing the right size. I think this will help seal the gap's and prevent any more leakage. Best part is, the shrink wrap is yellow! But question here is, will the Kyosho oil harm the shrink wrap?

2008.07.01, 11:40 AM
You could also try the green stuff from team associated. Sorry I dont know the name of it because it faded off the tube.:o It is what I use to put on my 10 scales leaky shocks.

2008.07.01, 09:39 PM
Thank you all for your suggestion's, but it seems my own idea fixed it. I cleaned it out last night and let it dry till this afternoon. I refilled it, screwed it back together, and shrink-wrapped it with matching shrink-wrap. I heated the shrink-wrap just a bit to snug fit it around the two jointed peices. Now, it appears to be a tight seal and so far, no leakage. Won't know till after a couple of run's.
Don't know if you can even see the shrink-wrap here, but there is the fixed shock.
The car seem's to work very well now, but I noticed my tires are fading fast!