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2008.07.02, 03:23 PM
Hey guys befor i order my skeleton chassis i need to know what other parts i need because i am transfering my MR-01 elecys into my mr-02 is there aneything else i would need

2008.07.02, 04:08 PM
You should just buy a MR-02 chassis set. What you are attempting is not really possible.


2008.07.02, 04:11 PM
but i dont have the money to get the set

2008.07.02, 05:35 PM
It cost more to convert the mr01 to mr02 than just buying a new car.

The only parts that are the same on mr01 and 02 is:
servo gears
front body mount

Sell your mr01 and buy a mr02.

2008.07.03, 01:27 AM
Yeah i might have to do that but MR-01 dont go for mutch

2008.07.03, 08:49 AM
Honestly, if you're on a budget... try to get the MR01 tuned out. As long as you convert to 3010 fets, you can be competitive... but it takes alot of time to get it just right. If you're a smooth driver, you can even give a crazed 3010 racer a good beat down with 3004 fets, but it's always nicer to have the power there when you need it.

Parts you might need include:

3010 fet conversion
Worn 8 degree tires front (as long as they are fairly low)
Good to New Rear tires, anywhere from PN 8 degree to Kyosho 20s
Lowering washers for the front under the knuckles
I'd suggest an 01 ball diff, but you can get away with using a stock diff
Kyosho Carbon H-Plate set (use the soft or medium)
Good PN Speedy 07 or Atomic motor (whatever your club runs really)

Obviously, try to run a racing type Autoscale on it to protect the front wheels or you'll be buying servo gears left and right! I wouldn't go more than a plus 1 offset on the front wheels... I would say a zero offset on the front is best.

I've seen cars just like this beat fully hopped cars on the track already... if you're a good driver, anything can be competitive really. Good Luck!

2008.07.03, 10:10 AM
If it's a classic and rare MR01, you'd be surprised what they fetch for these day's! Plus, it depends on it's condition.

2008.07.05, 12:01 AM
I did a conversion years back.

Getting the parts is the easy part of the deal.

The mess comes in the fact that the board will need to be rewired (steering servo reversed). I call it a mess as it is a point of no return mod that is done. Once done it is best to not go back.

Overall the rear pod, bearings, wheels, and tires are about the only things that can be salvaged.

Search for some old threads in the MR02 section. Alot was done around the time the MR02 first came out. Alot of hasty hack jobs and such.

If it is in good shape, be best to not tear into it. Nowdays you may be able to find a good used MR02 or even an MR015. Leave the MR01 for the collectors to fight over if it is in good condition.

The MR015 and MR02 is made for swapping with many shared parts.

flat 4
2008.07.08, 04:00 PM
+1 on buying a 02. I do most of my bussness at local shop and I have bought all of my Z's via lay-a-way. This way my wife dosent find out about them with sticker shock.