View Full Version : 2009 12hr Endurance (GER) Team wanted...

2008.07.02, 05:15 PM
Hey guys,
official reservations are taking place for the 2009 Endurance Race in Germany. I'd really really like to go again and have asked for them to reserve a space for our team.

I would really appreciate that anyone who says they're going to do it to be dedicated. The last thing I want is to email Sash the day before the event to say we're dropping out...

The team must have at least two drivers and no more than four.
The set date is the 2nd of January, 2009.
The location, Oberkirch, Germany.
The plans are to fly both there and back.
Plane tickets are around 50 return.
Accommodation and travel to be sorted nearer the time.
Spending money needed isn't really much - depends on how frivolous you are, lol.

This year was so much fun and I think next year will be even better having now experienced it!

So whatcha say guys?
Let me know,

2008.07.02, 05:35 PM
I'd love to join the team!:D it sounds like you had a blast last year,and i must say i've been wanting to try an endurance race.Germany here we come!

2008.07.02, 05:48 PM

Come on Mal. Complete the team! ;)

2008.07.03, 08:10 AM
I will say a tentative 'yes', but until i can confirm that i can get the date off work, i can't guarantee it, but i do want to come and am doing all i can to make it so!
So count me in!

2008.07.03, 12:36 PM
i wana come, but im not allowed:( sorry:(

2008.07.04, 01:42 PM
Brought up the subject today with my boss and he seems ok, i said i'd like to go again to try and better ourselves and he said "it would be good, because then we would have a better chance of winning with our experience from this year". So it is looking good, i'll keep you posted!

2008.07.07, 04:38 PM
Great stuff Mal. I reckon me you and Jayce will make a crackin team and unless we make a big mistake again we should easily better ourselves! :D

2008.07.11, 03:00 AM
Sounds like a cracking team to me, you should get Brian to go aswell.

Remember to bring an extra pot this time though ehh ;).

2008.07.11, 03:47 AM
Haha, you going next year, Chris?

2008.07.14, 09:27 PM
Proberly not unfortunately, I think theres only 2 spaces for UK teams, but i expect a video just as good as the first one to watch when y'all come back :D.


2008.07.15, 06:11 AM
Gutted man. I'll probably knock together a video but maybe more race orientated this time around.

2008.07.16, 08:11 AM
:( Bad news, i might not be able to make it. One of the girls is off from Dec 28 through to Jan 5th, one of the Juniors is an improver so *might* be good enough to cover for me by then, but no guarantees. So i'm going to have to do some real sweet talking and try to bring my bosses around...
I'll keep you posted :(:(

2008.07.17, 06:19 PM
I'm coming! got someone to cover for me so i can go, took a bit of coersing, but its sorted, 100% ...... coming!

2008.07.17, 06:23 PM
Ace!! :D btw.....what is our team called?

2008.07.17, 10:22 PM
Gutted man. I'll probably knock together a video but maybe more race orientated this time around.

Im sure you, mal and kryten can get up to the weird stuff we did lol. Btw... bring me back a kebab and some becks:D.

And kryten, its Team SRUK lol :rolleyes:

2008.07.18, 12:26 AM
Right'o, I did sign us up as Team SMZRUK because it was more fitting for the club name but I changed it to Team SRUK because it has more of a ring and the "mini z" racers part would be obvious at a Mini Z race. :D

I can't wait! Hopefully, we'll finish better than 9th this year lol!

Oh, and I found a great site with plenty of useful phrases, such as:

Don't you speak English?
There's a corpse on the bed. Please change the sheets.
The bellboy won't score me any coke.
My God, I didn't mean microscopic.
Has your nose always been that way?
I may be drunk, but tomorrow morning I shall be sober, and you will still be ugly.
Did your face get that way in the war?
I would very much like to meet you again when you are sober.
That's not all! I have two more photo albums!
I love you, will you marry me?
Girls with big mazongas usually can't rhumba so well.
I bet those machine guns are fake.
Are all of your jails this filthy?
Follow that car!
My wife fell overboard about ten miles back.
I know I'm naked, could you just tell me how to get back to the hotel?
I know I ate it, but I didn't order it.


2008.07.19, 08:14 AM
lol, some of those are great, i think we may have to actually use some this year...lmao

2008.07.21, 11:31 AM
Have you still got that phrase book you bought last time? That was legendary lol.

Ohh and kryten watch out for these 2, there addicted to Becks and Kebabs lol.

Hope ya'll have fun.

2008.07.21, 11:58 AM
Becks and Kebabs....mmmmmmmmmmmm bring it on! lol

2008.07.21, 11:59 AM
Their Becks is ace! and works out at 24 bottles for 18 Euros!!

2008.08.18, 04:59 PM
Any room for another? I've asked Sam and he's said I can go as long as he's allright.

On the phrases, I found some "usefull" phrases in a copy of Viz a few years ago, but I don't think we could use them. They all tended to end in the words, "get your hands off me, hey, who won the bloody war anyway" in various locations, the last one waking up in a German hospital after being told who the war.

2008.10.13, 08:05 AM
Looks like i'm going to have to drop out of Germany 2009,far too skint to be able to go-sorry guys, On the plus side tho Sarah can take my place:D

2008.10.13, 08:29 AM
Me and Mal we're also talking finance yesterday - meaning we're now all out. :(

2008.10.13, 09:14 AM
thats pants man:(

2008.10.13, 01:47 PM
matt you still goin? i may be able to come next year or the year after possibly...

2008.10.13, 04:30 PM
im still going:D

2008.10.14, 08:25 AM
Yeah it's crap man, echoing what Tom said, i just dont think i'll have the money. It was my lads birthday last week and i had to sacrifice paying bills just to do birthday shopping...it's proper crap. Starting to feel like the miners strike all over again, only skint for different reasons this time.
I think the people higher up the food chain dont realise how bad it is getting for those of us nearer the bottom, even one of the girls at my work, who only really works to earn a bit of extra cash for herself, as her husband earns something stupid like 40k a year, doesent realise just how bad it is getting for those less fortunate and earning more like 13k :(
My sympathy goes out to everyone in the same predicament.

2008.11.26, 05:54 AM
any updates on this guys?
they have more teams waiting to get in if you cant go

2008.11.26, 06:11 AM
Too late for me to organise anything now, might be able to make 2010 though. All my money at the mo' is going on xmas and the new shop, can't even find the right kind of shelving I want at the mo', am going to have to wing it a bit.

2008.11.26, 08:02 AM
I had assumed that Tom had informed them that our team had to drop out.
We are definately not going this year,unfortunately:(

2008.11.26, 10:03 AM
ok ill let them know

Red Team
2009.01.05, 09:37 AM
Some pics from the event ( from the german forum ) HERE (http://picasaweb.google.ro/minimicrorc/Germany12hEnduranceRace?authkey=cd1HIm5LMGA#slides how)